KFC customer amazed by drive-thru detail at Sydney store: 'So cool'

The man filmed the unique drive-thru feature, but not everyone's convinced it's such a great idea.

A KFC customer has been blown away by a wild drive-thru feature at a store in Sydney's west, claiming it's the way of the "future" for restaurants across Australia.

The Penrith store has what the man calls a "food elevator" which allows takeaway orders to be delivered straight to the car via a nifty conveyor belt.

In a video shared on TikTok, user Joshua said staff can still hand you your food via the drive-thru window as normal if you pull up in the right lane. But customers can also opt to use the futuristic feature which would result in the order being delivered to the handy pick-up spot via the "elevator".

KFC drive thru at South Penrith.
A customer at the South Penrith KFC store in Sydney was amazed by the conveyor belt delivery system. Source: TikTok/drajosk

Food elevator 'brought back'

The video, which was shared last month, has racked up almost half a million views with many equally impressed by the new addition. One person expressed "how cool" they thought it was. But according to many, the food elevator is a blast from the past and was first introduced into fast food stores across Australia in the 1990s.

"Omg I just had flashbacks of just under 30 years ago when those existed. Then after a few years were removed," one said. "Well about time it returned."

"They used to have these everywhere now they're bringing them back," another person wrote. "I remember these," shared a third.

Critics question KFC technology

As impressed as some were, not everyone was convinced by the drive-thru technology with some viewers quick to point out potential flaws. "What happens if it gets stuck," one questioned. "I'm going to be that person that parked too far away and can't reach," said another.

Others said it'll become more difficult to speak with staff if the order is incorrect, or if something is missing.

KFC store logo.
The poster claimed the South Penrith store had recently been closed for upgrades and the drive-thru feature was added during that time. Source: AAP

The poster claimed the South Penrith store had recently been closed for upgrades and this feature was added during that time. While some thought it could slow down the ordering system, or cut back on staff required, the poster said: "All it's stopping staff from doing is walking across an active drive-thru lane."

A spokesperson for the fast food chain told Yahoo News Australia that "KFC is always looking for new ways to get [their] delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken to fans as fast as possible". "Given we’re always enhancing the restaurant experience for our customers and team members, you might see us testing some cool things in select restaurants from time to time," they added.

McDonald's tries similar concept

A similar concept was introduced at a McDonald's store in Texas last year which left fast food enthusiasts divided. Its aim was to create a speedier way to deliver burger and fries through the drive-thru. A conveyor belt system was also spotted at the Sydney Airport store, which had customers claiming it was the "coolest McDonald's" they had ever seen.

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