Aussie teen apologises for 'feral' attack on McDonald's workers

An 18-year-old Adelaide woman accused of spitting and hitting McDonald’s workers has apologised for the “feral” attack, footage of which went viral earlier this week.

In one clip, Mia Miller can reportedly be seen yelling at staff members while hurling food orders from behind the counter, including a full cup of drink, at employees early on Sunday morning.

The beautician, who was arrested two days after the incident, has now spoken out, saying she is “disgusted” by her behaviour.

“That’s not ladylike at all. It’s feral,” she told 7News.

“That’s not me. I’m not that type of person and I don’t do that type of stuff.”

The young woman throwing drinks and allegedly spitting at McDonald's staff.
Video of a young woman throwing drinks and allegedly spitting at McDonald's staff went viral earlier this week. Source: Instagram

The 18-year-old claims the brawl began when a McDonald’s staffer grabbed her arm, but says she is “genuinely really sorry” about her reaction.

“They could’ve just gave me the cup of free water and none of this would’ve happened but I should’ve just accepted it and walked off,” she told the publication.

Ms Miller says she now fears “getting locked up” after being charged with disorderly behaviour, two counts of aggravated assault on a shop worker and commit a prohibited act with human biological material.

She is the first person to be charged under new laws introduced by the state government enacting tougher penalties on those that assault retail workers.

Mia Miller has apologised for her behaviour.
Mia Miller has apologised for her behaviour, saying she is 'disgusted' with herself. Source: 7News

The maximum penalty for a basic assault has been raised from two years in prison to five.

Ms Miller, who is on bail, said she would like to apologise to the McDonald’s workers herself but is prohibited from doing.

She will face the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 24 November.

McDonald's: 'Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated'

In a previous statement to Yahoo News Australia, McDonald's said its employees acted in accordance with emergency response procedures and called police immediately.

“The health and safety of our people and customers is our top priority,” a spokesperson said.

“Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated in our restaurants and we expect our people to be treated with respect at all times.

“We will always do our best for our customers, but we won't accept abuse, intimidation, threats or violence towards our employees.”

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