McDonald's customer's fury over innocent drive-thru mistake sparks debate

A McDonald's customer has sparked a furious debate online after he was filmed unleashing on a worker over an innocent mistake.

In a video posted to TikTok, the outraged customer is berating a worker over the fact he did not receive a wad of napkins in the bag with his order.

"You guys better get your head out of your a**,” the furious customer is heard telling the workers.

“You gave us all of this food and everything and not one napkin.”

A McDonald's employee is heard calmly asking the customer if he would like some napkins as he continues his tirade in the restaurant, and at one point tells another worker to "shut up".

A McDonald's bag is handed to a customer (left) while a customer is seen yelling at McDonald's staff (right).
The customer launched into a furious tirade after a mistake was made in the drive-thru. Source: Getty/TikTok

After employees tell the man to "calm down" he says he has owned a business for 27 years and the employees need to "do their job".

"You're in charge, you need to make sure they don't screw up," he yells at the manager.

He added he had already endured five mistakes in the restaurant's drive-thru, before he discovered there were no napkins in the bag.

"Smarten up," the man yells out twice as he storms out of the restaurant.

Man's tirade divides TikTokers

The man's furious tirade left TikTokers divided, with some slamming the customer for his behaviour.

"Over napkins?" one perplexed TikToker wrote.

"A little over the top just because you’re missing napkins. Once the foul language and name-calling started he lost all credibility," another claimed.

"I understand the problem but to go crazy angry for a napkin. Express your concern and get your napkins," a third added.

"So many entitled people around the world," a comment read.

"Good God, has he never made a mistake in his life?" somebody else said.

Others however believed the man's reaction was warranted.

"I don’t trust McDonald’s to get any order right," one commented.

"He's absolutely correct!" somebody else claimed.

"Happens all the time! No napkins. No ketchup! Forgets straws! Lazy employees. I stopped going there a long time ago," a different customer complained.

"He handled it completely wrong BUT it’s true McDonald's never gives napkins in the drive-thru. And you shouldn’t have to ask for them," a comment read.

"If what he says is true, 5 mistakes, and no napkins, I can see why he’s upset," another defended the customer.

A woman claiming to be the manager also commented on TikTok, saying a mistake didn't give the customer the right to curse at the employees.

"These are 16 to 17-year-old kids," she said.

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