Aussie lottery winner's déjà vu after claiming second major prize 25 years apart

The lucky winner 'felt something good was coming'. And it wasn't even his first time.

Left: Pile of Australian money Right: Hand holding Lucky Lotteries mega Jackpot  ticket.
A lucky Aussie man has scored over $200,000 in this week's Lucky Lotteries draw. Source: The Lott

One lucky Aussie has struck gold by scoring a major lottery prize, but it was a blissful feeling of déjà vu for the Sydney gambler when learning of his win. The fortunate punter scored more than $200,000 in Thursday's Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw — some 25 years after taking home another huge windfall.

Feeling "that something good was coming", the man from Illawong, in the city's south, bought into the draw this week, despite not ever thinking "it was possible to win twice in a lifetime".

"I honestly thought my mind must be playing tricks on me," the man said after learning he'd scored a total prize of $202,014. "I’m still reeling in disbelief that this has actually happened again."

Asked what he'll do with his winnings, he said: "It’s going to be nice to kick back a bit more and spend more time with family". Wouldn't that be nice.

The man’s winning entry of 10 consecutive numbers was purchased at Newsagency in Mascot. Manager Alan Tran said he was thrilled to share this milestone with the now twice-lucky lottery customer.

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot and Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot are raffle-style games, which means there is a set number of tickets in each draw. As each ticket number is unique there is no sharing of prizes.

Each game has two draws – one that determines the winning numbers and one that determines the jackpot number. If the jackpot number matches one of the winning numbers, then the Jackpot Prize is won. If the jackpot number does not match one of the winning numbers, the Jackpot Prize will climb for the next draw.

In 2023, 117 Lucky Lotteries 1st Prize and Jackpot winning entries across Australia won more than $20.6 million.

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