Albanese vows to hold Morrison accountable as MORE roles revealed

Anthony Albanese has revealed former prime minister Scott Morrison appointed himself to a fifth portfolio after it was disclosed he'd secretly sworn himself into four ministerial roles.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the current PM said Mr Morrison was "operating in secret" and "keeping the operations of the government from the Australian people themselves" as he called for action.

Mr Albanese labelled Mr Morrison "the world's first stealth bulldozer" and said those involved in the process must be held accountable.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese vowed to take action against former PM Scott Morrison. Source: AAP

Between March 2020 to May 2021, the former prime minister was appointed to five portfolio positions including health, finance and resources which was revealed on the weekend.

Mr Morrison said he didn't recollect other ministries he took on outside of these but documents reveal he was also sworn in to oversee aspects of the social services portfolio.

Then on Tuesday, Mr Albanese confirmed investigations showed Mr Morrison had also been appointed to the Home Affairs ministry, bringing the total tally to five additional roles.

"I can say that today, I have been informed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet that between March 2020 in May 2021, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was appointed to five additional portfolios," he revealed.

"Scott Morrison and others who were involved in this deliberately undermined those checks and balances that are so important and essential for our democracy."

Everyone involved is to blame, says PM

Mr Albanese said the secretive acts of the former government were an "attack on the Westminster system", and that all members of the former government are to blame.

"Not just Mr Morrison, but others, who were involved in this, need to be held to account in the former Morrison government," he said.

"They ticked off on the arrangements that had Scott Morrison as the only member of a Cabinet committee.

"This is a sad indictment, of not just Mr Morrison, but all those Cabinet colleagues of his, who sat back and allowed this to happen."

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison secretly swore himself into five ministry positions during 2020 and 2021. Source: AAP

Albanese awaits legal advice, vow to make reforms

The prime minister said he is "open to a change of reforms" so there's an obligation on future governments, that when a minister is sworn into a portfolio, it is publicly revealed.

I'll continue to run a good, orderly government that stands in stark contrast to the rabble and the chaos and the undermining of parliamentary democracy of our predecessors."Anthony Albanese

"Quite clearly, there is no explanation that satisfies the swearing in, in my view," he said, condemning the former government.

The PM confirmed that Mr Morrison held these positions right up until the election and that he was not aware of any end date to Mr Morrison's appointments.

The matter is currently being investigated as to whether what took place in parliament was legal with the PM waiting advice from the Solicitor-General.

Mr Albanese said "there is more information needed" in order to determine his next steps but said, "we'll be searching for that information in an appropriate way."

"We will get proper advice. We will then have proper deliberations of our proper processes, and then you make an announcement," he said.

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