PM appalled as Scott Morrison spreads 'conspiracy theory' at church

The prime minister has branded Scott Morrison’s comments about not trusting governments as “astonishing” while he works to patch up Australia’s international ties.

The country’s former leader raised eyebrows on Sunday after he encouraged people not to put their faith in governments during a sermon at a controversial Perth church.

“We don’t trust in governments, we don’t trust in United Nations, thank goodness,” he told hundreds of people gathered at tennis great Margaret Court’s Victory Life Centre.

“But as someone who’s been in it, if you are putting your faith in those things, like I put my faith in the Lord, you are making a mistake, they are fallible”

Scott Morrison at a podium at the church in Perth (left) and a close up (right)
Scott Morrison stunned Aussies when he told people not to put their faith in 'fallible' governments. Source: YouTube

On Thursday, Anthony Albanese slammed Mr Morrison’s remarks as unworthy of someone who once led Australia.

“I just thought ‘wow’,” he told ABC Melbourne.

“This guy was the prime minister of Australia and had that great honour of leading the government and I found it quite astonishing.

“It provides some explanation perhaps of why, in my view, clearly he didn’t lead a government that was worthy of the Australian people.

“I find it astonishing that in what must have been, I guess, a moment of frankness, he has said he doesn’t believe in government.”

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese said he was 'astonished' to hear Mr Morrison's comment. Source: AAP

'Not worthy of someone who led Australia'

The new prime minister also took aim at his predecessor for “pressing the United Nations button".

“I’ve spent two months trying to repair our relations and that sort of nonsense, throwaway conspiracy line about the United Nations I think isn’t worthy of someone who led Australia.

Since Mr Albanese took on the top job in May, he’s amassed a string of overseas tips.

Over the last two months, the prime minister has visited Japan, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Ukraine and Fiji meeting with world leaders and attending international summits.

God’s plan for ScoMo: 'I believe in miracles'

During Mr Morrison’s hour-long speech on Sunday, he also claimed that there is a higher plan for him.

“Do you believe if you lose an election God still has a plan for you,” he asked the congregation on Sunday to rapturous applause.

“I do, because I still believe in miracles.

“God has secured your future, all of it.”

The former Prime Minister also used the occasion to speak about rising mental illness, referring to anxieties as part of “Satan’s plan.”

He said “everyday anxieties” could be attributed to people’s personal identities, our past, our future and the future of the greater society.

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