'She's just a jerk': Rescue shelter's brutally honest ad for cat

A rescue shelter has adopted an unusual tactic to help find a fur-ever home for one of its most unpopular resident cats.

When Perdita the domestic shorthair was brought in, her frosty demeanour was mistaken for illness, but as time went on, the staff at the shelter came to the realisation: “She’s just a jerk.”

“Even the vet agrees,” the social media post for the moggy reads.

The not-for-profit shelter has gained praise from animal lovers for the unique social media post about an ‘unlovable’ cat who has helped raise more than $300 for the animal rescue centre.

‘The world’s worst cat’

The blunt Facebook post has gone viral with Perdita advertised as “the world’s worst cat” and she is ready to be paired with a “socially awkward human who understands”.

Perdita arrived at the shelter after her owner died, so she may have good reason to be a little grumpy but that hasn’t stopped shelter staff from trying their best to find her a new human to ignore.

The shelter staff wrote that Perdita is “not for the faint of heart” and surprisingly, cost nothing to adopt from The Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina.

Her likes include “staring into your soul” and “lurking in dark corners”.

The drama queen also has perfected the art of attention seeking by “fooling shelter staff into thinking she’s sick” and loves to pounce on unsuspecting passers-by.

The feline is not a fan of the colour pink, kittens, Disney movies, hugs and of course, dogs.

Perdita the cat is looking for a 'socially awkward human' to adopt her and her hobbies include 'staring into your soul'. Source: Facebook/Mitchell County Animal Rescue

‘Cat people’ defend the grumpy moggy

Hundreds of cat lovers came to Perdita’s defence, claiming she is just doing what cats do best and ‘cat people’ understand and adore the delicate temperament of felines.

“You realise she’s wearing a black crown and a black fur stole, she’s the Queen of Darkness,” one person responded.

Many people showed interest in adopting the cranky-looking cat.

“A cat after my own heart,” another said.

“I think she is my spirit animal, we have so much in common,” a user added.

One person praised the shelter staff for their ingenious approach to find a home for the anti-social cat.

“Good job to the creative rescue volunteer who wrote it, enjoyed it. I’m not a hugger either and found it to be hilarious. It will help get the right fit when adopted,” a person said.

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