'He's a chonk': Massive cat looking for forever home

The Morris Animal Refuge is facing on of its biggest challenges as it tries to find a home for one of its largest residents, Mr B.

The giant cat, weighing in at around 12kgs, is looking for a new family and the shelter in Philadelphia, in the US state of Pennsylvania, has been inundated with so many interested people that the website crashed.

“The whole website is down with the overload,” one potential adoptee wrote on social media.

Mr B is also known as “Beejay”, as a “chonk” and a “jumbo-sized package of fluff and love”, and the shelter is looking for a family to “help this sad-eyed guy find happiness”.

Mr B the giant 12kg feline is looking for a home and is described as a "giant sweetie".Source: Twitter @MorrisAnimal

The two-year-old cat domestic shorthair has had plenty of interest with the internet losing their minds over the huge feline.

“I showed him to my wife and she exclaimed, “that’s not a chonk, that’s a mountain lion’,” one person joked.

Another said the person who adopted Mr B would need a refrigerator box for it to play in.

The Philadelphia based animal shelter is hoping to find a home to “help this sad-eyed guy find happiness". Source: Twitter @MorrisAnimal

Although lots of cat lovers wanted to give Mr B a home, some were concerned that his ample size may be a problem.

“Are you sure that little guy is not actually a dog?” one person asked.

Another person suggested the shelter was trimming a few kilos off Mr B’s weight, comparing the domestic shorthair to a wild beast.

“That’s a bobcat,” one person said.

This huge kitty went from needing a home to people competing for him, with the shelter now having to narrow down who would be the best person to raise the “giant sweetie”.

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