Ambulance workers find unexpected note on windscreen after blocking driveway

Ambulance workers in the UK have come across an unexpected note on their windscreen after being forced to block a driveway.

East of England Ambulance Service paramedics were called to a job in Cambridgeshire earlier this week and blocked a driveway.

But when they returned to their vehicle they came across a note from a man known as “Ross, No. 11”.

East of England Ambulance Service have shared a surprising note they received on Twitter. File pic. Source: Getty Images

The paramedics shared the note on Twitter.

“I hope things are as good as can be,” the note reads.

“Don’t worry about our driveway. I’m not planning on going anywhere today. In fact, if you need to, don’t hesitate to park on our driveway. Thank you for all your good work!”

The ambulance service tweeted it was a “lovely note” and thanked Ross.

Ross left this note to to East of England Ambulance Service workers after they blocked his driveway. Source: Twitter/EEAST Ambulance

“We try not to block people’s driveways, but when we have to, it’s a massive help that we have you’re support and cooperation,” it tweeted. 

A Twitter user known as Ross D’Souza, who claims to work for the National Health Service, responded to the tweet. 

“My pleasure,” he tweeted. 

It is not known if he is the same Ross who left the note.

Ross’s kind note comes after an unemployed English mum Kirsty Sharman allegedly left an abusive note on the windscreen of an ambulance earlier this year, complaining the vehicle had blocked her driveway.

“You have no right to park here! I don’t give a s*** if the whole street collapses. Now move your van,” the note allegedly read.