Couple doing repairs on backyard make astonishing find

A couple has found buried treasure in their backyard when doing repairs on their property.

A safe containing about $69,000 AUD worth of property — including diamonds, gold, jade and soaking wet cash — has been uncovered on Staten Island, US broadcaster WCBS reports.

Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel always thought the rusting hulk of metal jutting out beneath some trees was just a cable box.

Inside the box the couple found. Source: Matthew Emanuel

They were having some trees replaced when the mystery unfolded. The safe also held a paper with an address.

“And there are all these bags with hundreds and jewellery, diamonds, engagement rings, dozens of rings, gold with jade,” Matthew said. “It was stunning.”

The couple have returned the box. Source: CBS
The couple thought this box was just a cable box. Source: Matthew Emanuel

Matthew Emanuel knocked on their neighbour’s door and asked if they’d ever been robbed and they had been. The police report dates to 2011.

Maria Colonna Emanuel says there was never a question about returning the loot.

She said simply: “It wasn’t even a question – It wasn’t ours.”