'Amazing': Man's bizarre find in ear after 25 years

A Newcastle man has made an “amazing” discovery in his ear after 25 years.

Oliver Gaywood, 35, wrote on Facebook when he was about 10 years old he had a crush on a girl named Rebecca at school.

Mr Gaywood, eager to earn her affections, went to the art cupboard and found a “pink, shiny and gorgeous” bead in the hopes of winning Rebecca’s heart. He wrote he was inspired by the TV show Neighbours into pulling off “a grand romantic gesture”.

“With a rapid pulse, I pocketed it and took it home,” he wrote.

“For a while, I kept this glorious bead, a token of my happiness, in my bedroom. Every time I looked at it, I thought of Rebecca and it made me smile.

“But, of course, I could only see it when I was at home. What use was that? I started taking it out with me and brought it out of my pocket for a quick happy glimpse whenever I could.”

Oliver Gaywood, 35, is pictured.
Oliver Gaywood, 35, was 10 when he found a bead he wanted to give to his schoolyard crush. Source: Facebook/ Oliver Gaywood

He couldn’t keep the bead out of his sight and didn’t trust anyone to keep it safe.

During a football game, Mr Gaywood realised he couldn’t keep the bead in his pockets as his uniform didn’t have any.

So, he placed it in his ear.

Doctor makes unexpected discovery in ear

“Anyway, I completely forgot about that until today, about 25 years later, when I went to the doctor because my ear's been a bit funny recently,” Mr Gaywood wrote.

“He suspected a wax blockage, cleaned out my ear passage and out popped the most sacred item on Earth.

"The doctor asked if I had a daughter and I quickly blamed it on her, but the stories, memories and my feelings from the 90s came flooding back.

“There's a couple of important messages here. Firstly, you probably shouldn't keep things in your ears for a quarter of a century. But more importantly, if anyone's still in touch with Rebecca, can you let her know I've got a present for her?”

Oliver Gaywood, 35, holding a bead removed from his ear.
The bead, which he hoped to give to Rebecca, 25 years later. Source: Facebook/ Oliver Gaywood

On Facebook, people called his story “amazing”.

“I felt this story in my heart and in my ear,” one man wrote.

Others asked him to find Rebecca and tell her the story but Mr Gaywood wrote he’s yet to track her down.

“We need to find Rebecca,” one man wrote.

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