Aldi shoppers branded 'unhinged' in Aussie woman's colourful rant

An Australian TikToker has left viewers in stitches after posting a rant about shopping at Aldi, declaring in her caption that people who shop at the supermarket are "unhinged".

"I am of the very strong opinion you need to be moderately to severely unhinged to shop regularly at Aldi," TikTok user @romaneevirgara said in her video.

"First red flag, you need a coin or a token to get a trolley," she says in the clip. "I'm in there. I'm trying to find bananas. I've walked past a three-piece aluminium dining set, a saxophone starter kit, two kilos of pickled quail eggs – where are the freakin' bananas?"

Australian TikToker @romaneevirgara's relatable satire about shopping at Aldi left her audience in stitches. Credit: @romaneevirgara/TikTok
Australian TikToker @romaneevirgara's relatable satire about shopping at Aldi left her audience in stitches. Credit: @romaneevirgara/TikTok

"Then once you've torn your hair out and fought your ADHD to get your three ingredients on your shopping list that's taken you 75 minutes, you have to head to the register," she continued. "And as I'm walking towards that register, my palms are sweaty, my heartbeat's racing, my breathing's become jagged with the fear of what’s about to unfold."

Aldi, which offers groceries and household good at discount prices, is also well-known for its streamlined process of having its customers pack groceries themselves after they're scanned by a cashier at the checkout.

'Intelligence test'

The TikToker then proceeds to hilariously describe the experience of going through checkout with a bit of colourful language.

"You get there, the shop assistant grunts at you and starts f***ing throwing groceries at you. You're dodging and waving... Then if you survive that, you're packing your own stuff at lightning speed, and then you've got to get out there and get your coin back!" she says with a poker face.

She then describes returning a trolley as an "intelligence test" and says she "stood there for about three minutes trying to figure out what the f*** is going on until some 100-year-old woman was like, 'Aww you put that previous trolley thing in the thing and it spits out'— Lady, I've got three brain cells left."

Aldi shoppers react

The short clip struck a chord with viewers, who could relate to the TikToker's rant.

"Try adding 3 kids under 6 to the mix," someone commented.

"Bro the anxiety at Aldi checkouts kills me," another viewer commented, to which the author joked, "I've actually got full blown PTSD now."

"Bananas are the first thing you see when you walk in. I also know plenty of Coles that need coins for the trolley. But yes, it is stressful," one person pointed out. "Mind you, I have perfected the Aldi checkout now. And much cheaper than Coles/Woolies so worth the stress haha."

Another viewer have walked into the supermarket on a slow Sunday with the intention of picking up a couple of items, but "$74 later" had bought much more than intended thanks to the range of Special Buys.

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