Aussie grocer's brazen Aldi act in anger over price rises

An Adelaide grocer has made Aldi the butt of the joke in his latest take-down of major supermarkets.

Johnny Kapiris, who owns St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market in Rostrevor, has been accusing Aussie supermarkets of greed by increasing their prices during the cost of living crisis.

Sharing a photo to his business's Facebook page, Mr Kapiris wasn't afraid to show off his assets in front of an Aldi store.

Two shots of Johnny Kapiris outside Aldi store with pants down
Mr Kapiris wasn’t afraid to show off his assets in front of an Aldi supermarket as part of his savage take-down. Source: Facebook/Getty

Pictured with his jeans down around his knees, the Adelaide grocer can be seen bending over in his underwear in a clear message to the German-owned retailer.

"This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Kapirisland. Broccoli $1.99/kg, strawberries $3.99/punnet," he wrote in the Facebook post.

Before adding: "Match that you imported f**ks. I am your master."

He also warned any internet "Karens" to refrain from commenting on the post, as they will be "blocked and deleted".

'You are a serious legend'

Mr Kapiris' scathing post quickly went viral online with thousands of Aussies reacting to the savage post and dozens deeming it "gold".

"Mate, you are a serious legend, I wish you were here in NSW, it would be an honour to buy from you. Keep up your great work!" commented one shopper.

"Love ya work Johnny. Was $17/kg for grapes at Coles last week. Better off going to Kapirisland," wrote another.

While a third pointed out he was a "national brand in the making" and urged him to expand his grocery empire.

Aussie shoppers come to the defence of Aldi

However, not everyone agreed with Mr Kapiris' attack on the discount supermarket and pointed out that Coles and Woolies prices were much higher.

"Why [are] you only picking on Aldi? Have you seen the prices at Coles and Woolies?" asked one shopper.

Fresh broccoli is currently available for $8.90 per kilo at Coles and $3.14 per head at Woolworths.

Meanwhile strawberry punnets currently cost $4.80 at Coles and $3.50 at competitor Woolies.

Woolworths truck in front of Coles supermarket sign
Some shoppers defended Aldi by pointing out that fresh produce prices at Coles and Woolworths are much higher. Source: Getty

Another man shared that all of Aldi's fresh produce is locally produced, unlike some competitor supermarkets.

"Australia currently exports more than it imports and fresh vegetables sold by Aldi are ALL locally produced. Just saying to keep it REAL. But your attacks on Aldi are funny as hell," he wrote.

Aussie grocer accuses major supermarkets of greed

This isn't the first time the outspoken Aussie grocer has made headlines for calling out major supermarkets.

In late June, Mr Kapiris shared a viral video on Facebook in which he accused Coles and Woolworths of price gouging.

"Every f**ker in Australia is using inflation for an excuse to jack their f**king prices up," he says in the video. "You know why? Because they're money-hungry f**ks".

Mr Kapiris points at lettuce inside his grocery store
Mr Kapiris says he is reducing his profit margins to lower the price of fresh produce for his customers. Photo: Instagram/kapirisland

While Mr Kapiris doesn't deny that inflation has had a big impact on supermarket prices, he previously told Yahoo News Australia that he has decided to shoulder some of those costs to spare his struggling customers.

"Inflation is real but some people are playing on it. There's plenty of specials you can put on to bring the basket spend down, which I believe they [supermarket chains] are not doing," he said.

"There are only a handful of us who are really interested in our customers."

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