Aldi shopper rages after 'kind' TikTok act backfires: 'Idiot'

A young man's seemingly generous act backfired when his attempted gesture failed and the Aldi shopper he tried to help yelled abuse at him.

The unexpected reaction followed the man's attempt to pay for the customer's groceries while filming it for TikTok, but his card declined and he was unable to pay.

The incident was filmed and shared on TikTok by popular Aussie creator Tom who's built up a following thanks to his reportedly "kind" acts in public.

TikTok star paying stranger's groceries at aldi
The TikTok star attempted to pay for the stranger's groceries but his card declined. Source: TikTok

It appears Tom — who has almost seven million followers— was attempting to perform a "random act of kindness," a trend that's boomed in popularity on the social media platform.

The trend shows social media performers randomly paying for stranger's groceries, petrol or food, while others film them to attract online views.

But it didn't go to plan for this Aussie TikTok star after he was unable to cover the cost, and the sudden interruption left the Aldi customer furious.

TikTok stunt fails

In the video, that's so far racked up nearly 40 million views, a woman can be seen at the Aldi check out with another man unloading the trolley.

"Excuse me, I just need to see if the machine's working," Tom says wearing a hi-vis vest, as he cuts in front of the woman.

He appears to tap his own card on the EFTPOS machine before walking away saying, "it's ok, have a good day."

But in the on-screen caption, Tom revealed: "My card declined because I didn't enter my pin."

The Aldi customer and the male she was with appear stunned, and look around in an attempt to understand the unfolding situation.

The male customer hits back with a remark that shocked Tom, who admitted he "wasn't expecting a reaction like this".

Aldi customer hits back and others looking stunned
The man shot back at the TikTok star after his card declined, while stunned shoppers looked on. Source: TikTok

Customer hits back: 'You idiot'

"Is he a comedian this bloke or something?" the man is heard saying.

"I was going to pay for your groceries," said Tom, addressing the remark. But the stunt didn't go down too well.

"Get f***ed, you idiot," the man shot back in a heated tirade.

"If you're going to be a clown, come over here, come on. You f***ing idiot."

Another customer who witnessed the outburst offered his thoughts on the matter, calling the customer an "unhappy man" while others watch on stunned.

In the comments, Tom used the hashtags #kindness and #gonewrong implying his act was intended to be "kind."

Many said it was a "blessing in disguise," and argued the man "didn't deserve it".

"When you try to help the wrong person," one wrote.

"How ungrateful," wrote another.

But others suggested it wasn't right to jump in front to pay.

"Don't pay someone's bills without asking," one said.

"His card declined. They probably thought he just wanted to prank them," another said.

Social media star Tom
The TikTok star known as Tom has built a fanbase thanks to his 'random acts of kindess' videos. Source: Instagram/cloutom

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