Woman’s gripe about playground slide backfires: ‘Loony idea’

A woman has taken aim at a playground in Fremantle, Western Australia blasting its "looney" design on Facebook.

Sharing a photo of the playground at Dick Lawrence Oval in Beaconsfield, she insinuated that the rocky surrounds and "big height" of the slide weren't suitable for kids.

"And who’s loony idea is this? A huge slide from a big height with the ending less than 1/2 metre right onto a big lump of limestone and a raw end of a trunk of wood?" she wrote.

"Fantastic idea for a nature playground!" she sarcastically added.

Yellow slide in children's playground surrounded by rocks
The Fremantle local took aim at the playground's slide saying it was too high. Source: Facebook

Her concern, presumably, was that kids could slide to the bottom and land on the rocks or the log, or injure themselves because of the height. There wasn't enough space between the end and the pile of rock, she said.

Others saw the issue she was referring to with one joking it was obviously for "giant children".

"Holy moly! The slide itself doesn't make sense at all. Gotta be an art piece right?!" another agreed.

Post backfired: 'Not ready'

The curious poster continued to speculate how the playground design worked without posing danger to kids.

But her gripe backfired and was met with a string of comments from locals who claimed the park isn't yet finished.

"Looks like it's not finished yet," one person observed.

"Looks fenced off, which probably indicates it's not finished yet? Even without fencing, you can see it's not ready for use," another stated.

Many said she shouldn't have been there to begin with as the park is fenced off, prohibiting people from roaming the grounds.

The woman confirmed it was blocked off but she took a photo "through the fence to get a closer picture".

"If you think about how fast kids will come down that slide with nowhere safe to land - I see a few trips to the dentist coming up," she said.

Of the over 100 comments the post racked up, one was from a woman who claimed her dad is the project manager of the site.

She confirmed suspicions that the playground wasn't finished and said "it's definitely not finished".

"New flooring to go in and changes to the slide still to happen. Calm down everyone, it'll be up to compliance standards," she hit back.

"Would also like to know why you're on his construction site," she added.

Park in Beaconsfield, Fremantle with playground
The park in Beaconsfield, Fremantle is due to be finished by the end of the month. Source: City Of Fremantle

Council responds: 'Still under construction'

A spokesperson from the City of Fremantle council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the park is not yet completed.

Construction is set to end later this month, according to the council website.

"It’s still under construction and the rocks and logs are not in their final positions," the spokesperson said.

"The slide requires some modifications and concreting in before soft fall sand is brought in and installed to a depth of 400mm."

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