Mum's playground warning after toddler left with horrific burns

A NSW mother is warning parents to be careful of hot playground equipment after her toddler suffered horrific burns while playing in the sun.

Vicki Butler and her daughter, Lenny, were at Milton Park Playground in Ingleburn, in Sydney's southwest, when she took a tumble onto the carousel.

Due to a combination of the excessive heat and the equipment, Lenny ended up with second-degree burns on her leg, foot, fingers and opposite knee, and first-degree burns on her arms.

Sydney girl Lenny with her face blurred sitting on a chair with bandages on her left side lower leg and arm from the burns.
Little Lenny was severely burned when she was playing on the playground. Facebook/ Supplied

"She was only on there for a second before she pulled herself up," Ms Butler explained in a post on Facebook.

"I would hate for this to happen to another person especially if they are unable to get up as fast. It could have easily been so much worse."

Call for metal playground equipment to be covered

According to Ms Butler, the worst of Lenny's burns were on her leg.

"She is currently still having frequent bandage changes on that one but it is healing nicely," the mother said, adding she was hoping her daughter would not have any scarring.

"Besides when it first happened and at bandage changes, Lenny doesn't show any distress and is fine."

The carousel at the playground which has a large silver metal base and metal poles in the side to hold on to as it spins around.
The carousel got very hot in the sun and burned Lenny when she fell on it. Source: Facebook/ Supplied

Ms Butler says in Australia's climate, metal playground equipment should be covered by a shade cloth to stop it from getting as hot as it does.

"In our climate these materials should not be used in children's playgrounds," she said.

"The shade might not have prevented the injuries but it would have provided some relief and not as much heat would have been absorbed."

The concerned mum also warned parents to be careful on hot days when their children were playing.

A photo of Lenny's arm after the toddler burned it on the hot playground equipment in Sydney.
The toddler was badly burned after falling on the playground equipment. Source: Facebook/ Supplied

"It is not something that even occurred to me to be careful of," she admitted.

"Please share far and wide."

In an updated post, Ms Butler said she had spoken to the local council who were looking at improving the space and making it safer.

"They have people looking into improving the space and seeing what they can do to make sure this doesn't happen again," she added later.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Campbelltown Council, where the playground is.

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