Warning to parents over common playground misconception: 'Dangerous'

WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGE: A frightening image showing a young child's leg being bent backwards while going down a slide is being shared online to warn parents of a common misconception.

The image, which was first shared in 2015, was posted again on Facebook by paediatric educators CPR Kids, along with an important message for parents.

"Playground rule to remember: slide safely solo, it's dangerous to double," the caption explains.

a mother slides down a slide with her one-year-old daughter on her lap, her foot is against the side of the slide and is bent awkwardly at the ankle.
Parents have been told to only ever let kids ride down a slide by themselves. Source: Facebook/ CPR Kids

Kids should always ride solo

While some parents may believe they're helping their child by placing them on their lap, CPR Kids warned it can put them at risk.

"It isn't uncommon for parents to pop their little one on their lap for a slide — but kids should only ever go down alone to avoid injury," it explained.

The girl in the picture — who was one at the time the image was taken — suffered multiple fractures to her leg after it was caught on the side of a slide she was sliding down with her mother.

The image went viral in 2015, with parents horrified after discovering an act they thought would protect their children could actually harm them.

Sarah Hunstead, the managing director of CPR kids, told Yahoo News Australia that although it is essential for kids to explore the world around them, parents should always make sure equipment is not damaged and in good working order before kids start using it.

"We can’t wrap them up in cotton wool," she explained. "They need to climb, swing and jump off things."

Ms Hunstead said she felt it was important to share the reminder with families getting out and about more now that restrictions have eased.

Yet she assures parents their kids can still stay safe whilst playing and offered several tips to minimise risk.

"[Making sure kids] are using the equipment as it is intended to be used can reduce the risk of injury," she said.

"And make sure you have done a first aid course so you know how to help your child if an injury occurs."

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