'Idiot' Coles shopper in awe of employee's kind act: 'Deserves a raise'

A shopper has praised a Coles staffer who went above and beyond after a much-loved item was substituted in her recent order.

On Tuesday, the customer revealed she was disappointed after receiving an email informing her that she would not be receiving the Whittaker's Peanut Butter Chocolate block she ordered.

In a lighthearted tweet, the customer shared that she had survived Covid-19, cervical cancer and being "hit by a bus on my way to a funeral" only to be "disrespected like this" by Coles.

Screenshot of email showing Coles substituted items
The Coles shopper's peanut butter chocolate block was substituted by a plain chocolate block from the same brand. Source: Twitter

The arguably tongue-in-cheek act of "disrespect" she was referring to was the Whittaker's Peanut Butter Chocolate block being substituted in her order by a Whittaker's Chocolate Block.

However, the customer certainly changed her tune following a sweet interaction between herself and the Coles staffer who slid into her DMs to rectify the situation.

Coles staffer goes above and beyond for shopper

On Wednesday, the shopper said that her Twitter was now a "stan account" dedicated to the Coles employee.

She also shared a screenshot of the conversation between herself and the Coles staffer, where the employee vowed to chase up the woman's beloved chocolate after her run of bad luck.

Coles customer and staff member exchange on Twitter
The customer was delighted when a Coles staffer slid into her DMs to rectify the situation. Source: Twitter

"Hi there, saw your tweet and the Whittaker's substitution and felt your pain! Nothing more frustrating than having your heart set on a specific item, and getting the next best thing," wrote the Coles employee in her message to the shopper.

"We're chasing up the real deal Whittaker's peanut butter block goodness for you now," she assured the shopper.

"Sounds like after your run of bad luck a little chocolate would brighten your day."

Coles aims to 'surprise and delight' customers

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that the supermarket aims to create a "positive experience" for all customers.

"Coles Customer Care has an important role to play, listening and responding to customer feedback," said the spokesperson.

"We always want to ensure our customers have a positive experience when shopping with us and we are always looking for opportunities to surprise and delight our customers."

Coles supermarket sign on store at daytime
A spokesperson for Coles said the supermarket aims to create a positive experience for all customers. Source: Getty

Coles shoppers wowed by kind acts

The customer was suitably impressed by the generosity of the staffer, who made it her mission to track down the elusive Whittaker's peanut butter chocolate block for her.

"I can't believe it's your job to respond to idiots like me. You deserve a raise!" the shopper wrote in her reply.

This is just one recent act of kindness amid many from Coles staffers. A Queensland customer was "brought to tears" when a young employee paid for her groceries during a power outage, and a Melbourne mum praised the "amazing workers" who were the highlight of her young son's days during pandemic lockdowns.

"We appreciate you all, your kindness, your dedication to your jobs, your compassion and understanding, and always bringing smiles to customers' faces even on their darkest days," wrote the Melbourne shopper in a Facebook post.

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