Mum's horrifying find after buying baby food at Aldi

A mum has urged others to check their baby’s food after claiming she discovered two cockroaches in the lid of her child’s snack. 

The mum, from Perth, took to an Aldi Facebook group on Monday to warn others. 

“We just opened one and a cockroach crawled out and there was a squished cockroach on the top part,” she wrote alongside images of the Mamia product, which is sold by Aldi. 

Photos appear to show the remnants of a cockroach stuck to the inside of the lid and another live roach on her floor.

Photos posted by the mum appear to show a dead cockroach on the Aldi product's lid and a live roach on her floor. Source: Facebook

“110 per cent sure it wasn’t from my house as I just brought it home and opened it. The lid was sealed,” the mum said. 

She said the dead roach may had also been alive and she could have killed it while twisting the top open. 

Several group members touted the incident as one of the reasons they make their own baby food. 

“This is why I always check and squeeze the first little bit of food out. Just never know,” one woman said. 

“This is why I prefer tins,” another chimed in. 

“I’ve bought these before and they've had mould inside,” a third claimed. 

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they took “such allegations seriously”.

“However we have not received a customer enquiry in relation to this matter. In order to conduct a full investigation, we encourage the customer to contact our customer service team.”

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