'Might just grab a basket': Coles shopper's unexpected find between trolleys

A woman has come across a terrifying creature hiding between the trolleys at a Coles.

“Might just skip the trolley today and grab a basket!” she quipped, sharing a photo of a snake sitting between two trolleys on the supermarket’s Facebook page.

“Cool photo,” one person said, while another social media user referred to the snake as a “cutie”.

A third person asked if the snake hiding among the supermarket’s trolleys was a toy.

A Coles shopper found a snake snuggled between trolleys at a Brisbane store.
A Brisbane woman joked she might have to opt for a basket during a shopping trip to Coles. Source: Facebook

Coles responded to the woman on Facebook thanking her for bringing it to their attention, hoping to find out what store she came across the snake and if she alerted staff at the store.

The woman said she snapped the picture at Everton Park, in Brisbane’s north.

“A staff member was made aware. They were great. Straight onto it without any hesitation,” the woman said.

“You've got a great team there!”

A snake catcher was called to the Everton Park store (pictured is a Google Maps still) to remove the snake.
A snake catcher was called to the Everton Park store (pictured) to remove the animal. Source: Google Maps

A Coles representative thanked the woman for confirming the store location, adding they would pass on her feedback to the store manager at the Everton Park store.

“Thanks for sharing this image of our slithery friend in store. Enjoy the rest of your weekend,” the representative said.

A spokesperson from Coles confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the snake was found outside the Coles store on Friday.

A snake catcher was called to the scene and confirmed it was a non-venomous python that was probably seeking shelter from the heavy rain.

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