The little-known queue-skipping hack available in Woolworths

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

Supermarket shopping can be a time consuming process, whether it be your children throwing tantrums in the chocolate aisle or lengthy queues at the checkouts slowing you down.

But in their bid to make the customer’s time in-store as seamless as possible, supermarket giant Woolworths are ramping up their scheme that allows shoppers to pay for their items as they make their way through stores.

After initially trialling the scheme in Sydney’s Double Bay store, Woolworths confirmed to Yahoo News Australia on Thursday that there are now 10 stores across Sydney which have rolled out Scan&Go.

Following its unveiling, retail expert Professor Gary Mortimer described the scheme as “exciting” and aside from a few hiccups, reaction from shoppers on social media was positive, with one labelling their experience as “amazing”.

Special scales which produce a barcode are provided for weighed items. Source: AAP

"The customer feedback on Scan&Go has been pleasing, with repeat usage of the app high. This speaks to the growing demand for quick and easy shopping experiences in our busy lives,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

The scheme involves shoppers downloading the Scan&Go app from the App store or Google Play and registering payment details in the app.

Customers can then go around the store scanning items on their phone as they put them into their bags before tapping off at a designated kiosk, shaving minutes off shopping times.

Woolworths Group Head of Payments and Financial Services Paul Monnington said the scheme was aimed at customers who lead busy lives and that the Woolworths experience was now “more convenient than ever before”.

A shopper using the Scan&Go scheme. Source: Woolworths

The 10 stores operating the scheme across Sydney are Double Bay, Mona Vale, Millers Junction, Chullora, Pitt Street, Met Centre, York Street, George Street, Manly and Strawberry Hills.

While the scheme has been a resounding success, a spokesperson said there is no concrete itinerary for the roll out of the scheme across the country.

"We're continuing to explore opportunities to expand Scan&Go to more stores, but have no firm plans at this time,” they said.

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