Alarming Schoolies X-rated trend revealed: 'Seriously disgusting'

Social media has exposed some of the wild antics played out by high school leavers celebrating Schoolies this year, but the latest "trend" has taken concerns to new heights.

The search term "Schoolies Australia" is currently trending on the pornographic website Pornhub indicating it's one of the most searched terms.

The annual celebration on the Gold Coast — which sees Year 12 graduates enjoy a week-long celebration — saw roughly 18,000 revellers in its last week alone, ABC reported. Now in its second week, social media has been flooded with videos showing the "feral behaviour" of Schoolies teens including excessive drinking and trashed hotel rooms.

People partying at Schoolies.
Schoolies is now in its second week with Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast attracting thousands of young revellers. Source: TikTok/Schooliesofficial

But a recent video shared by one TikTok user revealed the disturbing PornHub find. The social media user shared a screenshot of the search bar on the X-rated website. Underneath the search bar is a "trending searches" column, of which "schoolies australia" is listed.

This is particularly concerning since those who attend Schoolies are usually 17 or 18 years old, meaning some are underage.

The social media user branded the situation as "seriously disgusting". "Men, do better," they raged in the on-screen captions. They said they were "so thankful that you now have to be verified to post" on the website.

Screenshot of Porn Hub website showing schoolies australia search trending.
A screenshot from PornHub's website shows 'schoolies australia' is trending. Source: TikTok.

When asked how the poster knew it was men and not women searching the term, they responded by saying, "bffr" which apparently means “be f***ing for real". They went on to say "most Australian men on [Pornhub]" are apparently searching the term, which is why it's trending.

Yahoo News Australia approached Pornhub for comment. According to the website's terms, users can not "post any content that depicts any person under 18 years of age (or older in any other location in which 18 is not the minimum age of majority) whether real or simulated."

A Schoolies “checklist” featuring 10 disturbing sexually explicit and drug-fuelled challenges was shared online last week Source: Facebook via Daily Mail/9News
A Schoolies “checklist” featuring 10 disturbing sexually explicit and drug-fuelled challenges was shared online last week Source: Facebook via Daily Mail/9News

Concerning behaviour during Schoolies

This latest revelation comes after a sickening Schoolies “checklist” featuring 10 disturbing challenges reportedly emerged online last week.

The list includes sexually-explicit and drug-fuelled tasks including having sex with a woman "in a bin" or in a "Macca’s toilet", and "doing a line on a chick’s ass" in an apparent reference to cocaine. A screenshot of the list was reportedly posted on two separate Facebook pages dedicated to Schoolies.

And last week, a TikTok video filmed in the early hours of Sunday morning showed a sea of rubbish discarded along Cavill Avenue in Surfers Paradise with locals admitting it was "sad to see" the destruction left behind.

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