Schoolies group's sickening X-rated checklist emerges

An alarming Schoolies “checklist” featuring 10 disturbing challenges for revellers has reportedly emerged online.

The list was reported by several media outlets to have been circulating online and includes sexually-explicit and drug-fuelled tasks. Included on the checklist is having sex with a woman “in a bin” or in a “Macca’s toilet”, and “doing a line on a chick’s ass” in an apparent reference to cocaine.

A screenshot of the list was reportedly posted in two separate Facebook pages dedicated to Schoolies this week. “Hey guys my friends made this checklist for me. Anyone keen to help tick some off?” a teen captioned the image.

The schoolies checklist and school-leavers partying at Surfer's Paradise.
The Schoolies “checklist” featuring 10 disturbing sexually-explicit and drug-fuelled challenges. Source: Facebook via Daily Mail/9News

Other tasks include defecating in a bed, “getting a f***ed tattoo” and “ripping a cone [of cannabis]” while having sex.

Concerningly, one challenge encourages someone to “hook up with a disabled chick”, while another reads: “C*** in your hand and slap a chick”.

While the posts were largely met with amused reactions from other school-leavers, one person reacted angrily. “Imagine thinking taking advantage of a disabled girl is funny,” they wrote, the Daily Mail Australia reported.

However, the teen who shared the list responded that it was “an act of kindness”. “Never said take advantage did I. Can disabled girls not hook-up with people like every other girl?” he said.

Social media has been inundated with footage of revellers celebrating the annual “rite of passage” since Schoolies kicked off on the Gold Coast on Saturday night, with some students being slammed for their “feral” behaviour.

Schoolies arrests triple

Despite Queensland police initially praising the behaviour of school-leavers, it was revealed on Wednesday that 24 people have been arrested for a variety of offences — triple the number of people arrested during the same time period last year when numbers were down due to Covid, Today reports.

Some Schoolies are also being kicked out of their accomodation for balcony hopping at high-rise buildings.

Rubbish also remains strewn across the ground in shocking scenes in Surfer’s Paradise. “Disrespectful” school-leavers have already been slammed for leaving a sea of rubbish outside the Hungry Jacks restaurant in Surfers Paradise on Sunday morning.

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