‘Adorable and tiny’ room in Bondi listed for rent at an unbelievable price

A room located in the heart of Bondi for the bargain price of $195 per week is a rare find, but this tiny space is testing the belief that people will sleep anywhere to have a patch near the coveted Sydney beach.

The ‘room’ for rent was advertised in a local Bondi Facebook group with photos showing a space that was just wide enough to fit a single bed.

‘Private and sunny room in Bondi Beach’ the ad read, along with several photos of where one beach lover could sleep when they aren’t dipping their toes in the sand.

tiny closet advertised for $195 per week in Bondi
"This adorable and tiny room is just a five minute walk from Bondi Beach" the positive and hopeful advertiser wrote. Source: Facebook/Bondi Local Loop/Charlotte Pruett

The space was decorated with light fabrics and had been styled with a table lamp, scented candle and lush plant for that tropical feel.

“This adorable and tiny room is just a five minute walk from Bondi Beach in North Bondi and is available starting September 21! It’s $195AUD per week,” the advertiser boasted.

“Um that’s a balcony/sunroom - not a bedroom,” a person responded.

“People will be falling over each other to pay nearly two hundred bucks a week to sleep in a wardrobe,” another person predicted.

Other benefits to the “adorable” rental included a washing machine, bars on the window for that secure feel and and the chosen tenant will share the home with “two other girls”.

The ad posted in on Facebook in the Bondi Local Loop
“Um that’s a balcony/sunroom - not a bedroom,” a person responded to the ad. Source: Facebook/Bondi Local Loop/Charlotte Pruett

Some people felt that the room was inspired by fantasy novels.

“That’s some Harry Potter under the stairs s**t,” one muggle wrote.

A few people felt that it was a great space to serve some time.

‘’It’s like a prison cell,” one person wrote.

“Nope, a prison cell is bigger,” a person disagreed.

One person saw a missed opportunity.

“Could I put bunk beds in there?” they asked.

A person was quick to respond, suggesting to raise the rent as the upper bunk would have a better view.

Somebody asked if a queen bed would fit in the space.

“Unfortunately not,” the poster responded.

The apartment with the tiny room for rent in Bondi
The Bondi ad attracted plenty of jokes but also some genuine enquiries. Source: Facebook/Bondi Local Loop/Charlotte Pruett

One person did manage to find something positive about the cosy nook.

“At least you’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” a person wrote.

Despite the numerous jokes, several people were genuinely interested in the property and sent the poster direct messages, proving that sometimes all you need is a ‘tiny’ space to rest your head at night.

The call of the surf is enough to drive any Bondi resident to attempt to rent out any space possible to fund their organic turmeric latte addiction, with several creative rentals popping up in the coveted suburb including this sparsely decorated tiny room decorated with just a blanket on the floor.

Those who prefer inner-city living in Sydney don’t have to miss out, with this ‘room within a room’ for just $185 a week.

And if a trip to London is on the cards, this share house with an unusual room layout will make sure you will never want to leave.

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