Young man dives off pier to save toddler who slipped

A brave young man says he didn’t think twice about diving into the water to save a toddler who fell from a pier.

The Good Samaritan was fishing when he saw the boy plummet into Westernport Bay in southern Victoria.

The boy had slipped out of his grandfather’s hands and dropped into the water.

The grandfather immediately jumped in after him, in a desperate attempt to rescue the three-year-old.

The boy falls off the jetty (left) and his grandfather jumps in after him (right). Source: 7 News

Adrian Mirauto was fishing at the end of Warneet Pier when he noticed two women in distress.

“I saw someone in the water with a kid and then two women raising their arms,” he said.

It was the young boy’s mother screaming for help.

“Adrenalin just kicked in and I sprinted over,” Adrian said.

Witness Alan Sanford watched the ordeal unfold.

“I notice that there was people in the water and the other young fellow comes running down the pier and jumps in the water like Superman,” he said.

Adrian, 22, said despite not being a strong swimmer, he didn’t think twice.

Adrian Mirauto, 22, said he didn’t think twice about jumping in despite not being a strong swimmer. Source: 7 News

“At that time when the adrenaline is running through you, you just got nothing to think about but you gotta jump in,” he said.

A rental boat sped under the jetty and rescued all three of them.

The young boy and his grandfather were taken to Frankston Hospital for assessment.

Despite his heroic act, Adrian says he’d do it all again.

“I hope that anyone in my situation would have done the same thing,” he said.

A rental boat sped under the jetty and rescued all three who had ended up in the bay. Source: 7 News