Workmates snag $1.6m prize after the 'greatest stuff up in the world'

A pair of mates have pocketed $1.6 million each after “stuffing up” and both buying a lotto ticket with identical numbers.

The men, from Goolwa near the Murray Mouth in South Australia, have been playing Saturday X Lotto for years and always used the same numbers, taking it in turns to buy the ticket each week.

But last week, they both entered thinking it was their respective turns, and won a whopping $1,666,666.67 each as a result, The Lott said.

“It’s incredible that the week we both end up with a ticket, thanks to a mistake, is the week our numbers are drawn,” one of the men told South Australia lotteries.

The mates both thought it was their turn to buy an entry. Source: The Lott

“And if you knew the two of us, the more likely scenario is that the week our numbers are pulled out of the barrel is the week we’d both forget to buy a ticket. It’s just amazing. We’re absolutely rapt,” he said.

The other of the pair described their incredible win as “the greatest stuff up in the world”.

“It was a good week to mess up. My mate called me at the crack of dawn saying ‘I’ve got some news for you’. I thought he was lying of course when he said we’d won division one,” he said.

“Then I told him ‘well I’ve got some even better news for you. I put the Lotto on as well, thinking it was my week’”.

“We were both just flabbergasted to be honest with you. It’s absolutely surreal. We are so lucky! We’ve both been in such a daze.”

The pair revealed they would both be resigning and retiring together.

“Of course we’ve always been willing to share our division one prize but now we get one each.” one said.

“I love to travel so I’m certainly going to do plenty of that. Maybe we’ll take a holiday together to celebrate. We’ll be enjoying every minute of this.”

The mates said they would now be retiring together. Source: File/Getty Images


The second man said he couldn’t wait for them to walk out of work together for the final time.

“What a day that will be. I can’t wait to spend plenty of time travelling the world with my family.”

The friends both bought their winning tickets from Mount Barker Central Newsagency in Reynella.

A man in Sydney won $10 million in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw, while last month, a Sydney tradie walked off the job after finding out he won an Oz Lotton Division One prize of $50 million.

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