'Hard pass': Woolworths shoppers divided over trolley feature

A feature on a Woolworths trolley has divided opinion, after a TikTok video showcasing the latest addition went viral on the app.

The video was shared to TikTok by @ZippySquid on January 1 and since then it has amassed almost 150,000 views.

In the video, ZippySquid was shopping at the new Melbourne Square Woolworths where they discovered a mobile phone holder on the trolley.

“It’s by far the most modern store i’ve been to,” ZippySquid remarked on TikTok.

The mobile phone dock was introduced as part of Woolworths’ ‘Scan&Go’ technology.

In the video, ZippySquid, shows off the mobile phone dock on the trolley handle at the new Woolworths store in Melbourne.
The trolleys at the Melbourne Square Woolworths have a place to put your mobile phone. Source: TikTok/zippysquid

“The mobile phone holders were introduced in stores with Scan&Go technology to help customers easily scan products with their smartphone as they walked through the store and paid through the Woolworths App,” a Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia.

Southbank’s Melbourne Square Woolworths is one of 20 stores across Australia which offers Scan&Go to customers.

On TikTok, people were divided over the mobile phone dock - some loved it, others were not too keen on the concept.

“We have them at a few of our local Woolies too,” one person commented.

“So much easier to use when scanning items whilst shopping.”

Another person said the feature was “great” and necessary.

“Need mobile phone holders on trolleys because a lot of shopping lists these days are digital, whether in notes or through apps,” they said.

Scan&Go is another way of shopping for Woolworths customers, in the photo form 2018, a person scans apple at a Woolworths store.
Scan&Go is available at more than 20 Woolworths stores across Australia. Source: AAP

Some people thought the feature was unhygienic.

“The germaphobe in me is not vibing that,” someone said.

“Considering people use their phones whilst on the toilet... I’ll take a hard pass on using that,” one person said.

People from overseas were not impressed.

One person from the US welcomed ZippySquid to the 21st century and said the mobile phone dock has been in the States for a “long time”.

Someone else said their European supermarket is “a scene out of Star Wars”.

New Woolworths trolleys made out of recycled material

In addition to the mobile phone holder on the trolley, all of the shopping baskets and trolleys at the Melbourne Square store are made from recycled plastic, as ZippySquid indicated in the video.

“They’re much lighter and manoeuvrable, also they have great automatic front and back roll brakes,” they said in the comments.

“Great for the escalator.”

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