Woolworths shopper wows with time-saving hack: 'Will change your life'

A viral TikTok posted by a Woolworths customer is shedding light on a way to control and streamline your entire grocery shop.

TikTok user @investwithqueenie is a well known source of money hacks and has followed through with another handy video.

The clip, which received a whopping 450,000 views in 24 hours, is showing customers how to take control of their grocery shop using only their smartphone.

“You need to try this Woolies hack, it will change your life,” the TikToker tells her 159,100 followers.

Stills from TikTok showing woman shopping at Woolworths and checking out using her smart phone
The TikToker quipped that the Woolworths hack worked "like magic". Source: TikTok/@investwithqueenie

“Just open the Woolworths app, click on settings, then Scan&Go, so you can start scanning your items and add them to your bag.”

Video footage shows the TikToker using her phone to scan codes on store items, which the app is automatically assigning to her account.

“You can see how much it will cost and how many items you have; I don’t have to be shocked at the counter any more!” she says.

“And if you’re wondering, you can put fruit and veggies on the scale and it automatically knows what it is.”

The TikToker then takes her bagged groceries to a specialised counter in a quick and contact-free alternative to the traditional checkout experience.

“When you’re done shopping you can head to the Scan&Go counter. The best part is there’s no line and your food is already in your shopping bags, all you need to do is pay and leave,” she says.

The Scan&Go technology is currently available at 49 stores around Australia at a combination of Woolworths and Woolworths Metro stores.

TikTok reacts to 'amazing' hack: 'Never knew!'

The TikToker’s Woolies hack video has been liked over 33,000 times, and has received hundreds of comments from users all over the world who have fallen in love with the hack.

“I can see it being for someone with extreme anxiety, or someone who wants to protect themselves and others,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I prefer not to talk to people when I’m doing groceries, I listen to music or a podcast... so this is amazing,” said another.

Customers on an escalator in front of a Woolworths store sign
Some viewers expressed their concern that the Scan&Go system opens the door for higher theft rates, however Woolworths has stated on its website that bag checks will apply. Source: Getty Images

“I had no idea this existed, thank you!” commented a third.

“I have been doing this the last few shops, it's so good,” added a fourth.

Other TikTok users have called for Woolworths to add the Scan&Go technology to more stores so that they can take advantage of the hack.

Scan&Go technology commonplace in other countries

Many international TikTok users have responded to the video to inform viewers that similar technologies are commonplace and well-used overseas.

“In the UK this is basically at every big supermarket chain. It's so cool and convenient,” one person commented.

“This is in all supermarkets in the Netherlands,” wrote another.

“Been in NZ supermarkets for a while now,” said a third.

Another comment insinuated that Australia has been "slow" to adapt the technology, which has left other TikTok users wondering if more technologies will be introduced to stores in the near future.

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