Woolworths reveals ultimate time-saving hack for shoppers: 'So easy'

Woolworths has revealed a little-known hack for customers who find themselves spending too much time looking for the right items in stores.

The handy advice was shared in a 17-second video on the official Woolworths TikTok channel, and has been quick to go viral, earning over 78,300 views in only 24 hours.

The clip, which is captioned “So much more time to play Wordle,” assures that the hack can be performed by any Woolworths customer with a smartphone.

“Add items to your list in our app and then select ‘shop in store’ and then ‘sort by aisle’,” a voiceover says.

Screengrabs of Woolworths' TikTok video
The latest TikTok video from Woolworths reveals how to use the retailer's app to easily locate items in store. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

To sort items by aisle, customers can access their list in the Woolworths app, click the top-left dropdown and select "aisle location."

“Keeps you on track for grabbing what you need and gets you out of the store in a flash,” a voiceover in the video says.

Many TikTok users have taken to the comments section to discuss why they love using the time saving hack.

“I use this for meal planning because it helps me know what’s in stock,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I use this because my boyfriend would take hours looking for stuff and now he just goes to the aisle and gets the right brands too,” said another.

“This is great for when I go to a new Woolies store,” commented a third.

“I’m so bad at finding things so this works really well for me,” added a fourth.

Woolworths TikTok reveals key bargain hunting tips

Woolworths has released a follow up to a recent TikTok which tells customers how to get more bang for their buck in store.

In part one, customers were urged to keep an eye out for yellow sale stickers, and check the end of aisle bays for discounted items.

Part two in the series tells customers how to get ahead of catalogue specials days before they appear in store.

“Our weekly specials start on Wednesday, but our online catalogue drops on Monday nights,” a voiceover says.

“So you can peep the sweet deals early and add to your cart or list.”

TikTok users have been commenting on the 16-second TikTok to rave about the hack.

“This is my Monday night ritual!” one user commented.

“I check out the catalogues every Monday night and I have done for a couple of years now,” added a second.

Screenshots from Woolworths' TikTok video that show photos of a catalogue and instructions for add them to your shopping list
Woolworths customers can use the app to get sales catalogue items as soon as they become available. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

“We like your thinking!” Woolworths responded.

Another TikTok user urged the supermarket to reinstate rain checks, which were stopped until further notice in early 2020.

“Bring back rain checks - catalogue items are always out of stock,” they wrote.

Woolworths representative clarifies catalogue availability

A comment on the "bang for your buck" Woolworths TikTok video has received a comment from a Woolworths representative, who has clarified catalogue availability.

Late last year, stacks of physical catalogues were found discarded in residential areas throughout New South Wales, infuriating residents.

"While the vast majority of distributors do the right thing when delivering our catalogues to households, it’s always disappointing to see our catalogues being dumped," a Woolworths spokesperson previously told Yahoo News.

Piles of catalogues dumped on the sidewalk
Woolworths has paused the distribution of printed catalogues in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. Source: Facebook

The TikTok user’s comment followed up with the retail giant, asking if physical catalogues will be available, or if they've been replaced by online and emailed catalogues.

A Woolworths representative responded to the comment and explained that significant supply chain challenges are occurring across the Woolworths network.

“We’ve temporarily paused the distribution of our printed catalogues in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, but you can continue to view our digital catalogue.”

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