Outrage over 'disappointing' Woolworths find in alley: 'Stop it'

A Central Coast resident has slammed the person responsible for dumping stacks of free product catalogues on their street.

The concerned resident shared several photos of the stacks of dumped retail catalogues on a popular community Facebook page for locals of Gosford and the surrounding area.

“Someone has been dumping catalogues in the lane on Dunban Road in Woy Woy. Hope the person who is doing it, stops doing it,” wrote the Central Coast resident in her post.

Alongside the frustrated woman’s post were several photos showing over 20 stacks of catalogues sitting inside a cart in the laneway and seven more in the street beside a parked car.

Towering stacks of dumped retail catalogues in alley.
Among the towering stacks of abandoned catalogues were product catalogues from Woolworths, Anaconda and Priceline. Source: Facebook

Among the towering stacks of abandoned leaflets were product catalogues from Woolworths, Anaconda and Priceline.

A fellow Central Coast local took to the comments section to suggest the woman share her concerns with the retailers.

Someone was paid to deliver them. Looks like they just took the money and dumped the product," the wrote.

"Send a pic to Anaconda or Woolies, they’ll get onto the distributor.”

Woolworths responds to catalogue dumping issue

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Woolworths for a comment on the photos and the supermarket has. confirmed they have raised concerns with their suppliers.

“We invest heavily in the production and distribution of our catalogue for the benefit of customers,” a Woolworths spokesperson. said.

“While the vast majority of distributors do the right thing when delivering our catalogues to households, it’s always disappointing to see our catalogues being dumped,” they said.

Woolworths storefront showing staff at checkout.
Woolworths confirmed they have raised the issue with their suppliers. Source: Getty

“We have raised our concerns with our suppliers for further investigation and expect they will address it with the distributor involved,” they added.

Meanwhile, customers can also find a digital version of Woolworths’ catalogue online at their website, which is updated each week on Wednesday.

Similarly, a spokesperson for Priceline indicated that anyone who finds dumped catalogues from them should contact their Customer Service Centre via phone or email or message their social media channels.

The spokesperson explained that by reporting dumping issues to Priceline, they can "follow up with our catalogue distributor and then they will look into it" – which is what they have done in this instance.

Woolworths shopper hasn't seen catalogues 'for one year’

The disappointed resident told Yahoo News Australia that this is not the first time someone has dumped catalogues in the laneway and it had been going on for a year.

“I have not had catalogues for one year. I'm sick of not having catalogues,” the woman said.

She added that the community believes that the person responsible is “someone who lives on the peninsula” and she has reported the issue to the council, who alerted the distribution standards board.

Dumped stacks of catalogues sit on the side of the road beneath mattress.
The retail catalogue dumping has been happening for a year, with these photos taken. on October 19. Source: Supplied

“The Distribution Standards Board has taken my complaint and sent it to the distribution company for investigation,” she confirmed.

The Distribution Standards Board (DSB) is a self-regulatory body of the letterbox distribution industry, which ensures that all catalogues and unaddressed advertising mail is delivered to the highest standards.

‘Don’t be a tosser’: Locals call out illegal dumping

Central Coast locals are getting fed up with the illegal dumping going on in their area, and many have called out thoughtless fellow residents.

One frustrated Phegans Bay local posted to a Facebook group for residents of the Bays community, where she scolded people for dumping household items at the communal bins.

“It’s getting really boring with the amount of illegal dumping at Monastir Road communal bins,” wrote the angry woman.

Photos of folding chairs and kiddie pool dumped behind bins.
The frustrated resident shares photo of the dumped chairs and kiddie pool to Facebook. Source: Facebook

“The garbage trucks will not take this! If it doesn’t fit in the bin, don’t leave it.

"If this is yours please be a responsible resident and come and collect it and dispose of it properly – either by going to the tip, or arranging for rubbish collection.”

The woman explained that by doing this, the selfish people were essentially littering.

Alongside her post, the woman shared two photos of dumped folding chairs and a kiddie pool dumped behind the residential bins.

Several annoyed residents took to the comments to share their thoughts, with many confused as to why the people responsible simply didn’t book a free council pickup.

“Why don’t they book a council pickup like the rest of us?” asked one local.

Another suggested: “The Woy Woy tip is open again seven days a week in line with current NSW Health Orders.

"They accept FREE OF CHARGE, wastes including: motor oil, scrap metal, E-waste, lead-acid batteries... just to name a few.”

While a third person simply wrote: “Don't be a tosser”.

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