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Aldi shopper left mindblown after discovering $1.95 'magic' product

Queenie Tan, an influencer known as @InvestWithQueenie, has taken to Instagram to share an Aldi product that she has described as 'magic' when it comes to getting rid of stains.

The 25-year-old from Sydney shared the tip with her followers after her tiler recommended she use the Di-San Pre Wash Stain Remover to remove stains from her bathroom tiles.

Aldi Di-San spray
An Aldi shopper has taken to Instagram to share a $1.95 Aldi product that she has described as 'magic' for stains on both floors and clothing. Photo: Instagram/InvestWithQueenie

"You need to try this Aldi stain remover for only $1.95," Queenie tells her followers in the video, showing the product. "It says it's a clothing stain remover, but don't be fooled.

"My bathroom tiler recommended it to us because we had these stains on our tiles and it works so well at cleaning them."


She added she's used it to remove stains on white clothing as well.

The stain remover is 'oxygen activated to lift tough stains' and has developed quite the cult following.

But beware, there are two very similar looking bottles at Aldi with one being the 'oxy action' product and the other a 'degreaser'.

"Thank you for sharing this!" one follower wrote.

"Okay I now know what to look for on my next Aldi trip," another added.

"I love this! I am on my third one," someone else wrote.

"Tried to get it today, all sold out!" one disappointed follower shared.

"I love this stain remover for clothes, but I had no idea it was good for tiles!" another said.

Others shared tips, with one person saying she uses it on her benchtop when it's stained.

Facebook fans have previously shared that the degreaser spray is good for breaking down oils, which is great for pillowcases and for getting odours out of clothing.

And others have used the oxy action spray on their showers and even on grout.

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