Woolworths shopper traumatised by 'disgusting' discovery in tin of beans

The customer has called on the supermarket to remove stock from shelves after claiming she found a rat inside a can.

Preparing a meal isn't usually a traumatic experience, but an Aussie mum says that's exactly what it turned out to be for her young family. The home cook claims she found the remains of what she believes is a rodent inside a can of kidney beans from Woolworths.

"On opening it to create a family meal, to my disgust out came a dead rat and a handful of beans sealed in the tin," she wrote online, adding that the creature was "quite visible" in the series of photos she posted.

What appears to be a dead rat found inside a can of kidney beans from Woolworths
A Woolworths customer claims she found a dead rat inside a can of kidney beans from the supermarket. Source: Facebook/T. Johnstone

"This incident was traumatic to myself and my children who also witnessed what came out of the can and I have since thrown out everything it touched for fear of contamination and harm to myself and family."

In a number of images shared on Facebook, the discarded kidney beans and a larger object, which appears to have the nose of a small animal, can be seen in a plastic shopping bag.

Customer claims Woolies is trying to 'hush' shoppers

The woman went on to explain that she contacted Woolworths "immediately" to notify them, in the hope they could recall the product and remove the stock from their shelves "to avoid further trauma and possible harm to others affected by other contaminated cans of kidney beans".

But instead she says the supermarket giant offered her a $30 gift voucher. "After numerous phone calls with Woolworths, so they could conduct 'further investigations into the matter', they phoned me back to advise that they do not believe this to be a rat, when clearly there was fur in my colander which can also be seen in the photo," she shopper said. "So, they're basically calling me a liar."

What appears to be a dead rat found inside a can of kidney beans from Woolworths
The shopper voiced her concern that other cans of kidney beans available at Woolworths were contaminated. Source: Facebook/T. Johnstone

The woman warns the situation may be worse, fearing another can contains the missing tail of the alleged rat. "This is very concerning to me. How many other times are vermin returned to stores in products that we buy and customers are hushed with a store voucher to cover matters up?"

Woolworths investigating 'dead rat' in kidney beans

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Woolworths said the issue is being investigated and that they hadn't received any similar reports. "We take food safety and quality seriously and are aware of the customer's report," a Woolies spokesperson said. "This appears to be an isolated incident and we're investigating with our supply partner."

Not the first complaint about rodent contamination

A year ago, a woman claimed to have found a "partially dismembered mouse" inside a bag of kale and spinach that she'd bought from Woolies. "This is revolting and unacceptable and we are angry how this occurred," she wrote at the time. "The contents of this bag claim to be 'washed and ready to use' which it obviously wasn't and we can never have faith in that claim again after this experience."

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