Stomach-churning find in restaurant meal prompts man to call the police

Two chefs and a manager were reportedly arrested after what was found in the Indian curry.

Ever been half way through your dinner and noticed it tasted a little strange, only to find some of the food wasn't completely cooked?

That was one man's experience while eating out at a restaurant in India, only the uncooked food in question was a small dead rat, which he almost certainly didn't order.

Disgusted, the man took to Twitter to post a series of stomach-churning images that showed the curry-covered baby animal laying beside the bowl of food.

A small dead rat is seen beside a bowl of curry at a restaurant in India.
The sickening rat find is enough to turn anyone off their curry. Source: Twitter

“After shopping in Bandra, we stopped at the restaurant for dinner,” Anurag Singh said, the Hindustan Times reported. "The chicken curry that I ordered seemed to have a piece of meat that looked much lighter in colour. When I picked it out with a spoon, it turned out to be a small rat."

Mr Singh then claimed he made a complaint with the restaurant's manager, but was given a "vague" answer in response. After feeling unsatisfied, and a little queasy, Mr Singh then notified police.

He said the ordeal left him "feeling sick", particularly as he had already consumed some of the meal.

The restaurant, in the coastal Mumbai suburb of Bandra, is believed to be a favourite among locals, that had been in operation for over two decades.

A small dead rat is seen covered in curry.
The discovery led to one very upset diner calling the local police. Source: Twitter.

Two chefs, manager arrested

After police launched an investigation, the venue's manager and its two cooks were arrested, according to the Hindustan Times.

Mr Singh claims he was given medication from his doctor following the less than desirable experience.

It's understood the trio were released on bail pending an investigation into how the matter occurred, with staff at the restaurant pointing the blame on their meat supplier.

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