Rat the size of a 'small puppy' attacks child in McDonald's

A police report filed by the boy's father claims the child is "traumatised".

Shocking CCTV has captured the moment an eight-year-old boy was attacked by a large rat while eating dinner with his family at McDonald’s.

As the rat scrambled up his shorts and started biting his thigh, the boy’s panicked dad leapt into action and grabbed the rat and threw it to the floor.

The incident took place on Wednesday, March 8, in the city of Hyderabad in India, with the boy’s father lodging a complaint with police the following day.

A rat runs across the floor of McDonald's towards a family dining in a booth.
The rat was filmed running across the floor of McDonald's towards the family. Source: Twitter/Savio H

In the father’s statement, he claimed the rat was the size of a “small puppy” and came running out of the bathrooms.

“This rodent then climbed up the left leg of my son and entered his short pants near his groin area,” the police report read, saying the boy was “gripped in utter fear and shock and was screaming in agony”.

“Complainant['s] wife and son were traumatised by this incident which clearly is a life endangering health hazard and is an utter negligence of hygiene and sanitation.”

The police report included photos of the boy’s injuries, showing two clear bite marks on his leg.

The boy was rushed to a doctor, where he received a tetanus injection and an anti-rabies injection, with two more doses to come.

The child’s father, who is an army officer, has accused McDonald’s staff of negligence and doing little to help.

A police report shows photos of the boy's bite wounds
Images from a police report posted online by the boy's father show the bite wounds to his thigh. Source: Twitter/Savio H

Aussie woman claims she found mouse poo in Macca's meal

Just six months ago, a Perth woman claims she found mouse droppings in her McDonald's meal.

"We got our food and I was eating when I realised – I was almost done – that there was mouse poo in my food," Hannah Whittome said in a TikTok at the time.

"Obviously I was not very happy. It's not something you want in your lunch. It's disgusting," she said.

Photos show dark objects that closely resemble mouse poo on the inside of her burger box.

Ms Whittome lodged a complaint with the health department while McDonald's said they were investigating the incident.

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