'Poisoned' rat falls onto man's food during birthday dinner

Video shared online shows the horrific moment unfold.

A birthday meal at a restaurant came to a sickening end for a man and his loved ones when a rat fell through a ceiling onto a plate of food below.

The partygoers were dining at a venue in the municipality of Chongqing, south-western China, when the rodent — believed to be dead — landed on a plate of salted duck, abruptly ending their evening.

The stomach-churning sight was captured on video and shared on Douyin — China's version of TikTok. As partygoers looked on in horror, one guest picks up the plate and takes it away.

Rat falls from ceiling onto food at restaurant in Chongqing, China.
The dead rat fell from the ceiling at a restaurant in China, landing on a group of diners' food below. Source: AsiaWire

The incident occurred at the Gu Dingfeng restaurant and staff tried to pacify the diners by saying the rat had probably died from eating poison left out for pests. But local media reported that the disgusted guests were so angry they abandoned the party and moved to another restaurant.

The restaurant said they called in professional exterminators the following day.

Many who saw the video were shocked by the sight, while others found it amusing.

One social media user joked the dish is "full of fresh ingredients". While another said, "it's an extra meal, free of charge."

"The rat never dreamed that its death would be so pompous," another said.

Aussies shocked by sight of rat at various venues

It's not the first time rodents have found their way inside a restaurant, leaving diners shocked.

Previously, restaurant-goers in Sydney were horrified after a large rat was filmed in a shopfront window at family-owned Chinese restaurant in Minto, in Sydney's southwest,

Earlier this month, shoppers were shocked to spot the rodent freely running around a food preparation area at a popular Sydney shopping centre. Meanwhile, a shopper captured a concerning sight at a Westfield Parramatta in Sydney, sharing a video of what appears to be a large rat scurrying across the food court.

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