Woolworths responds to 'lazy' delivery driver's bizarre act

The act left a local wondering how many times the delivery driver has done this to others.

A delivery driver has been caught red-handed on video after allegedly trying to dump a mum's Woolworths' groceries on the side of the road.

The supermarket giant says it is now investigating the incident, describing the allegations as "concerning".

Footage taken by a fuming local shows him confronting the driver in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne, where he's placed several items onto the grass, including two Woolworths bags, several metres away from the customer's house.

“Mate, I’m watching you drop that rubbish there, what is it? Shouldn’t it be going to a customer?” he asks in the video shared on a local Facebook group on Sunday.

A photo of the delivery driver picking up the items, including two Woolworths bags, from the side of the road in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne. A photo of him facing the camera and holding one of the bags.
A delivery driver was videoed allegedly dumping a customer’s online Woolworths order on the side of the road, minutes away from her house in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne. Source: Facebook

“There’s not even a house here, what are you doing?.” The delivery driver then quickly starts putting the items back into the car, says "sorry", and drives off.

Woman baffled by driver's act with her $115 order

After the video was posted with a caption asking if anyone didn't get their order, the woman who's groceries it allegedly was replied, saying she has "no words" for the driver.

"This is my shopping," she said on the Facebook group. "Thank you for stopping as it was delivered straight after this."

She added the driver "sped up so fast" on arrival, and then "skidded on his way out also reversing into a bush". "Because 30 acres isn't enough room to reverse safely," she sarcastically said.

The $100 groceries ordered from Woolworths on Sunday afternoon included food for school lunches and dinner, according to the Herald Sun. She had gone with a one-hour delivery service option, which involved someone from a partner rideshare company dropping it off at her house for an extra $15.

The order also didn't arrive within the hour, with the "flustered" man arriving past 5.30pm.

“Where he was dumping the groceries was directly in front of my house. He had obviously driven past my driveway — about 50 metres — and was too lazy to turn back so decided to dump them,” she claimed to the local publication.

“(That was) until he was confronted by the passer-by then he loaded groceries back into the car and delivered them to me.”

The local who took the video said the experience also had him wondering "how many orders" the driver had allegedly "dumped" in the past.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Woolworths about the incident, who said they are "concerned to see this has happened".

"[We] have taken immediate action to follow up with our delivery partner," a spokesperson said.

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