DoorDash customer accuses delivery driver of shocking act – can you spot what it is?

It's an inexcusable act which understandably left the hungry customer furious.

It's not easy being a food delivery driver, with many forced to navigate maps and weave through traffic all while trying to keep orders sizzling and arriving at destinations on time.

Though most people are lenient when it comes to deliveries, some things are simply unforgivable. One such indefensible crime is the stealing of another person's dinner, a particularly shameful act when the meal in question is steaming hot pizza, topped with cheesy herb and garlic deliciousness.

One frustrated Melbourne diner took to social media over the weekend to reveal their horror after noticing an entire "column" of their long-awaited dinner had been removed before they had a chance to even open the box.

A DoorDash customer's cheese and garlic pizza is seen with a row of slices missing.
A DoorDash customer has accused a delivery driver employed by the service of stealing some of their cheesy pizza dinner. Source: Reddit.

"I’ve ordered this many times and it’s clear that a column of bread was taken out from my order of herb and garlic squares," the pizza enthusiast said on Reddit.

"Have complained to DoorDash after confirming with the restaurant that this is not what they sent."

A photograph uploaded alongside the complaint appears to reaffirm the person's claims, with a considerable chunk of the meal clearly missing.

The post attracted hundreds of interactions online and prompted dozens of shocked Aussies to flood the comments with outrage.

"This is why Macca's and KFC started putting the tape on," one said. "Ew. People’s poor personal hygiene and the risk of them touching my food with unwashed fingers is just too much," said another. You don't f***k with someone's food. Plain and simple," another said.

Food clearly 'tampered' with, says customer

The Melburnian went on to explain to DoorDash that an abnormal amount of time had elapsed from pick-up to delivery.

"We’ve ordered this item quite often and this is not normal," they said. "Also it was apparent that a column of bread was taken out and the rest smushed together.

A generic image of a DoorDash delivery driver beside a bicycle.
The customer has since lodged a complaint with DoorDash. Source: DoorDash.

"There was also a considerable delay between the delivery agent receiving the food from the restaurant and his journey towards my home. I feel the food was tampered with.

"Attaching a photo of what we received and then had to discard due to suspicions. From the picture you can see it is apparent that the pie does not make a circle and a column of bread has been taken out. This is a serious health issue in my book!"

It remains unknown whether the hungry customer was eventually served an appropriately-sized pizza.

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