Shopper slams Woolworths over disgusting find in delivery: 'Jar of mould'

A Woolworths shopper has blasted the supermarket for delivering her a "jar of mould masquerading as passata" in her recent grocery delivery.

The shopper, Emma Wietschorke, was shocked to discover the Woolworths Essential Chunky Tomato Pasta Sauce she received from the Vincentia store on Tuesday was riddled with mould.

"Woolworths, you've done it again. First mouldy fruit now I've been sent a jar of mould masquerading as passata. How your pickers missed this is beyond me," she wrote to Woolworths.

Woolworths customer holds jar of mouldy pasta sauce
Woolworths customer calls out supermarket over 'disgusting' mouldy pasta sauce. Source: Facebook

Ms Wietschorke also shared several photos of the Woolworths Essentials sauce, which clearly show green mould growing inside the jar.

Meanwhile, much of the sauce at the top of the jar had curdled and was an off-white colour.

'I was disgusted' says Woolworths shopper

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, Ms Wietschorke said that she could see something was not quite right with the pasta sauce from first glance.

"I was disgusted. I could see something was wrong before I had even taken it out of the bag," said Ms Wietschorke.

She explained that she had since raised the issue with the Woolworths customer service team, who processed a refund of $2.15 into her account for the spoiled pasta sauce.

Woolworths Essential Chunky Tomato Pasta Sauce jar alongside trolleys
The shopper received a refund for the Woolworths Essential Chunky Tomato Pasta Sauce she received from their Vincentia store on Tuesday, May 3 . Source: Woolworths Group/AAP

Woolworths responded to the disappointed shopper on Facebook.

"They have processed a refund, but I am not aware of anything else that has been done," she added.

'We don't always get it right': Woolworths responds

Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia that they "didn't get it right" in this instance, but have since resolved the issue with the customer.

"We have a dedicated team of personal shoppers who work hard to handpick thousands of online orders to the highest standard every day," said the spokesperson.

"While our teams work hard to provide a great experience every time, we don't always get it right," the spokesperson admitted.

"We have since resolved this with the customer and provided a full refund."

Woolworths respond to customer complaint over mouldy pasta sauce in delivery. Source: Getty
Woolworths respond to customer complaint over mouldy pasta sauce in delivery. Source: Getty

How long does pasta sauce last in a jar?

Generally speaking, properly sealed and stored pasta sauce will remain at best quality for about 12 to 18 months, according to Food Champs.

However, it's always recommended to check the "best before" date of pasta sauces when shopping at the supermarket or before you pull them out of the kitchen pantry.

If you've already opened your pasta sauce, then experts say that it can last for 3 to 10 days and can be stored in the fridge for later use.

Pasta sauce that has spoiled will darken in colour and thicken over time, so it's always important to inspect the sauce before you open it. If there is any visible mould in the sauce, the entire jar should be thrown away.

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