Woolworths shopper fumes at car park act only to be roasted over photo detail

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A shopper has hit out at a prankster who targeted her vehicle in a Woolworths car park, but a photo of the act has sparked some savage criticism from onlookers.

The woman pleaded with the public for information after a trolley was zip-tied to her car's driver-side door handle earlier this week.

The incident, which occurred in the main car park at Woolworths Ararat store in Victoria, left the customer irate.

Woolworths trolley zip-tied to a car door
The Woolworths customer pleaded with the public for information about who zip-tied a trolley to her car. Source: Facebook

"P*ssed off is not the word," the mother wrote in an online community group.

The woman disabled comments on her post after people said she must have been to blame for the prank.

Photo detail prompts public to shift blame

Not everyone shares the woman's anger and her post received a savage roasting from fellow motorists.

The positioning of the woman’s car in the picture has caused many members of the public to turn on her, with people pointing out that her parking job may have aggravated a fellow customer.

"Looks like someone's parking is not on point," said one person.

"Must have left the trolley in the middle of the parking lot, or it blew into someone's car. Be the only reason someone would do it," another person commented.

"Don't park across two spots and no one will be able to cable-tie sh*t to your car," commented a fourth.

"Isn't this the universal language for 'you parked like sh*t and it affected other people?'" added a fifth.

"Everyone can keep laughing as much as you like," the woman responded. "Be aware it is in the hands of the police and if this happened to you, you would not be laughing."

Car park act common 'road rage' act in the US

Attaching a zip-tie to a car has long been an act of road rage in the United States.

Reports of the "prank" from as early as 2016 have prompted American police to label the act as a form of revenge against drivers who park across multiple spaces.

"It's kind of a retaliation," Sergeant Bennie Boles with the La Porte Police Department in Texas told America’s ABC13.

Red Home Depot trolley attached to a car that is taking up two spaces
The act is quite common throughout the US. Source: Facebook

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