Shopper accuses Woolworths of misleading price tags

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An eagle-eyed shopper has shared what she believed to be misleading price tag tactics by Woolworths.

The woman was shopping at the supermarket in Kippa-Ring, a suburb in the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, on Sunday when something caught her eye.

Behind several price tags claiming items had been “price dropped” were original tickets with the exact same prices on them.

"Misleading" price tags for Summer Rolls and Wagon Wheels shown inside Kippa Ring Woolworths in Queensland
Red tickets for the Summer Rolls and Wagon Wheels were the same as the original shelf price. Source: Facebook

The shopper took her confusion to Facebook, posting photos from the supermarket’s confectionery aisle after noticing an ongoing trend.

She argued the “price drop” ticket was tricking people into believing the items had been discounted.

“Is it not against the law to mislead shoppers with misleading advertising,” the woman wrote accompanying photos on a Facebook post.

The price for a Summer Roll was $3 on both tickets, Wagon Wheels were $2.50 on both, and so was the Cottees Marmalade spread.

Marmalade price ticket shown to match a red "price drop" tag inside Queensland Woolworths.
A red ticket for marmalade showed the price had been "dropped" to $2.50. Source: Facebook

While someone went as far to say the practice was “definitely against the law”, others said the big tag was there to indicate the price had been permanently lowered.

Woolworths Prices Dropped tickets explained

The latter was confirmed to Yahoo News Australia by a Woolworths spokesperson.

“The red ticket highlights the product is part of the Prices Dropped program. You can also see on the red ticket the date the price was dropped,” they said.

“Basically the ticket underneath (the shelf sticker) is correct because it should and does match the Prices Dropped price (the red one on top).”

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