Woolworths photo reveals major downturn for cult drink

Just months ago, even empty bottles of Prime were being sold for extreme sums.

Just months ago they were flying off the shelves, selling out due to demand and in some places, even empty bottles were being sold online for bizarrely expensive sums.

Now it seems nobody wants controversial Youtube star-turned-wrestler Logan Paul's energy drink, Prime, with both Woolworths and Coles selling the product for as little as $1.80 per bottle.

While many celebrity products tend to see sales drop over time as the novelty wears off, few have decreased in value from a whopping $30 for an empty container to under $2 for a full bottle — in a mere matter of months.

YouTube star Logan Paul and his energy drink Prime.
It seems the hype surrounding YouTube star Logan Paul's Prime energy drink has officially worn off. Source: Reddit / Getty.

'That didn't take long'

Aussie's online discussing the drink's staggering decrease in value said it was only a matter of time until people moved onto the next fad, with many pointing out one version of the product actually exceeded the daily recommended intake of caffeine — a particularly problematic factor as it was marketed toward teens and children.

"The Coles near my house was basically giving it away, it’s on special at the 7-11 too, but nobody is buying it," a person on Reddit wrote.

"When it first came out it was in short supply and Logan’s fans were happily paying $20 to get their hands on a bottle, even though it’s a pretty ordinary sport drink. Now that there’s a steady supply of it it’s proving to really not be very popular," said another.

"Saw this yesterday in the local Woolies. My teenager who's already become half radicalised by t on YouTube and TikTok wasn't even interested in it which was a surprised," another admitted.

Craze over Logan Paul's Prime officially ends

Back in April, following chaotic scenes at a Perth Woolworths, bans in Queensland schools, and supermarket shelves being stripped bare, cunning consumers sold empty bottles of the coveted beverage online - and people actually bought them.

Thousands of fans even turned out to see Logan and fellow promoter KSI on their visit to Australia to promote the drink on The Today Show.

Empty bottles of Prime being sold online.
Just months ago, empty bottles were being sold for a staggering amount online. Source: Facebook.

Listings were prolific on Facebook Marketplace and eBay, with sellers asking anywhere from $3 to $35 for the items. "People cannot be serious," a concerned Aussie said at the time, spotting an empty Prime bottle going for $20 on Facebook.

The drinks came with a recommended retail price of just $4.50, and were sold out in both Woolworths and Coles, with specialty retailers are charging anywhere from $15 to $30 for a single bottle earlier in the year.

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