Aussie woman's 'sheer panic' at realising moisturiser mistake she's been making for a year

The smaller font on the popular Dove product revealed the error of her ways.

Alice James squirts the body wash onto her hand showing how it looks like moisturiser (left) and she holds the bottle up to the camera (right).
Alice James has making the moisturiser mistake for over a year when she realised thee error. Source: TikTok

A young woman has admitted to feeling "sheer panic" the moment she realised there was a major problem with a daily habit she's performed for over a year, fessing up to an awkward mistake and leaving some Aussies baffled.

On Thursday Alice James confessed that instead of rubbing moisturiser into her skin twice a day she has unwittingly been rubbing body wash into her dry skin. She finally made the realisation in her Melbourne home after noticing the small font on the Dove 'triple moisturising' bottle and coming to understand the error of her ways.

"I don't love it, it goes on sticky, it doesn't rub in properly and I'm like, I'm just going to power through, I don't want to waste it," she said online, speaking of the one litre beauty item.

"Do you know why it's been sticky and hasn't been rubbing in? I have been walking around for over a year with soap on my legs and arms everyday."

She admitted she has rubbed in the body wash before heading out and also before lying in bed for the night.

"[I've been] getting into bed every single night with soap just sitting on my skin," she laughed.

"This probably takes the cake for the dumbest thing I have ever done."

After sharing her confession online some questioned how she could possibly have made the mistake, prompting her to demonstrate how the liquid disappears into her skin when she rubs it in, after it initially goes very cloudy, leading her to believe it was a "bad moisturiser" at first.

However, her admission helped others to feel safe in admitting they too had made the same mistake.

"The way I ran to my bed side table to discover my moisturiser is actually body wash," one Aussie woman wrote, which many others saying, "I’ve done this with this bottle too".

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