Woolworths shoppers in frenzy to get hands on cult drink Prime

Teenagers have gone to extreme lengths to purchase the popular Prime Hydration drink launched by YouTube star Logan Paul.

Crowds of teenagers have been racing one another to purchase popular energy drink Prime recently launched in Australia by YouTube star Logan Paul.

On Sunday morning young boys caused chaos at a Woolworths store in Karrinyup, Perth, and were seen crawling under entry doors as they rolled up for start of business, with one supermarket worker forced to tell the teens to calm down.

Left: Logal Paul wears a black baseball cap backwards as he smiles with a Prime Hydration drink in his hand. Right: A few Prime Hydration energy drinks can be seen left on the shelf at Woolworths.
Woolworths has attracted a swarm of teenagers with their recent stock of Prime Hydration, a energy drink created by YouTuber Logal Paul. Source: Instagram and Twitter / ChroniqGames

“I said 'stop running please'. It was chaos and kids were running straight to the drinks aisle, yelling they’ve sold out,” the worker told Perth Now, before adding the demand for the drink didn't stop once stock sold out.

“The phone was also non-stop ringing asking if we had Prime," she said.

Prime Hydration, created by YouTuber and WWE wrestler Logan Paul, has been wildly popular and is currently sold out on the Prime website as many in Australia flock to stores hoping to get their hands on the drink gradually being rolled out by the supermarket since Wednesday.

Customers can only purchase the drink in-store at Woolworths, with the product unavailable for purchase on the website. Woolworths are stocking five Prime Hydration flavours priced $4.50 per bottle — tropical punch, blue raspberry, orange, lemon lime and ice pop. It was to be sold through Woolworths, Coles, conveniences stores and supplement stores but stocks are running low across the country.

Woolworths cap number of Prime Hydration bottles sold

In anticipation of how popular the energy drinks have been, the supermarket decided to place a cap on how many bottles can be purchased at a time and urged those seeking Prime to be "patient" as they roll out the product across their stores.

"There is a purchase limit of five bottles per transaction," a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "We know demand will vary store to store, and in the event that it is sold out, please be patient as we have plenty of supply to restock but we do ask customers to only purchase what they need."

However, as the onslaught of customers continue to create chaotic scenes across Australia, some have shared online they have spotted empty shelves with customers taking more than their fair share.

"I saw someone walk out with 6 slabs, (54 bottles) of the drink!!" one customer shared on Twitter, before adding, "At my local store there was barely any left."

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