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Woolworths employees 'assaulted' in terrifying gang attack on store

A group of youths have terrorised workers and customers at a Melbourne Woolworths store, allegedly attacking staff members and bystanders who tried to intervene.

Footage obtained by radio station 3AW shows at least four males in hoodies bark orders at petrified staff members at Lyndhurst Woolworths shortly before 9pm on Sunday.

One of the youths begins to count down from five before another throws a large juice bottle at the employees.

The camera then pans to another youth standing behind the group of workers and appears to allegedly strike one of the workers with a toy baseball bat.

Bystander Rob Metz told 3AW he witnessed a female staff member elbowed, sending her to the floor.

He said he pursued the youths where he said he was struck by one of them, prompting him to punch three of them.

One of the youths throws a bottle of juice (left) and another wields a toy baseball bat (right). Source: 3AW
One of the youths throws a bottle of juice (left) and another wields a toy baseball bat (right). Source: 3AW

He claims they then pulled a kitchen knife on him before fleeing in a Toyota Kluger.

It is understood the youths became aggressive after being caught allegedly trying to leave without paying for a trolley full of shopping, Nine News reported.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the store was placed into lockdown following the incident.

“There is no place for this aggression and violence anywhere in our community and our thoughts are with those caught up in the incident,” the spokesperson said.

There were no staff members injured in the incident and workers affected by the incident will be offered counselling.

The spokesperson said Woolworths was assisting Victoria Police in their investigations.

Police say investigators were told up to six youths of African appearance were involved in the incident and attempted to steal a shopping trolley of items.

Investigations are ongoing and no arrests have been made.

A Victoria Police spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia there was no update on investigations as of Tuesday morning.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.