Woolworths customers spark debate over brazen fruit act: 'No one can stop me'

Two TikTok users have divided the internet after showing viewers how they brazenly walk into Woolworths and helped themselves to the free fruit left in the produce section for children.

In separate clips, the adult TikTokers boast about walking around eating complimentary apples, bananas and mandarins from the "Free Fruit for Kids" displays at Woolies, then leave without buying a single item.

Woolworths free fruit stand; Male TikToker eating an apple in Woolworths
Two TikTok users are making chins wag after sharing videos of themselves eating free fruit meant for kids at Woolworths without buying anything. Credit: TikTok

Just for kids?

Captioned "Woolies fruit hack", one of the TikTok users shows himself walking into Woolies, picking up three pieces of fruit, and proudly eating his way through them while he walks around the aisles.

"POV: Walking around Woolworths for the free fruit, pretending to shop whilst eating them and then leaving without buying anything," he wrote in the video.

Viewers are divided over the videos, with some slamming the brazen acts while others have advocated for the free fruit to be for all customers, regardless of age.

"Those are for kids," one viewer commented.

"What if I identify as a kid," another person replied.

"Have you seen the food prices, they should be free for all not just kids," wrote another.

"Shouldn't just be for kids, totally agree," a fourth viewer commented.

"This is how good things will always come to an end, The idea is for kids to eat fruit not for cheapskates taking advantage of the system," remarked someone else

"Tell me you're poor without telling me you're poor," another viewer wrote, to which the TikToker quipped, "I'm poor!"

'Menace to society'

A second TikToker shared a similar video of herself eating a banana at a Woolworths store, with a caption that reads: "Woolies employees watching me walk in, grab the free fruit for kids, walk around a bit then leave without buying anything," before adding: "No one can stop me".

The woman received a similar set of comments, with one person calling her a "menace to society".

"And proud," the TikToker replied.

Female TikToker eating a free banana at a Woolworths store
Some viewers criticised the TikTokers, saying the fruit is just for kids, while others saw no problem their actions. Credit: TikTok

Common act

Other viewers, however, admitted to doing the same thing, with one commenting, "I legit do laps around the shop just eating all the free fruit until I’m full."

Woolworths employees also chimed in, saying they don't care who takes the free fruit.

"As a Woolies worker, we don't care lol. We have a bunch of free fruit in the break room too," one staff member admitted.

"As a Woolies worker, I do this myself," another claimed, while another wrote, "I don't get paid enough to care tbh."

Woolworths, which has had the Free Fruit for Kids program since 2015, started the initiative with the aim to help children get more fruit in their diet.

As of last year, Woolworths said it had given away over 100 million pieces of fruit - or over 41,000 tonnes of apples, bananas, pears and mandarins - since the program was launched.

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