Woolworths, Coles collectables spark frenzy, sell for hundreds online

Shoppers all over Australia are cashing in on collectables once more, this time selling off Coles and Woolworths' latest ranges for hundreds of dollars online.

Woolworths, which launched a new range of collectables called Fix-ems this month, has caused an online frenzy as customers attempt to sell sets for as much as $399 excluding postage.

A quick search on shopping site eBay shows individual Fix-ems being auctioned from 80 cents and above.

Other sellers have opted to sell full sets, which fetch much more, with one complete collection of 36 being sold for $300 plus 12.70 postage.

One seller is offering the complete set of Fix-Ems for $129. Source: eBay

Coles collectables command eye-watering prices

Rival Coles went head-to-head with Woolworths with its own collectables range, which can now also be found on eBay.

Coles' Magical Builders have also been fetching eye-watering amounts online, with one set of the 200 Harry Pottter-themed collectables being sold for a whopping $799 minus postage.

Another set of 100 Magical Builders is also being sold for $399, while a complete set of the Coles' collectables with a set of five Playkits is going for $249.99 plus $20 standard postage.

One set of eight Magical Builders figures is priced at $239, while a full set of 35 characters with a collector's case and postage is being sold off for $199.99.

Meanwhile, a complete Playkit set alone is going for as much as $140 plus $20 postage.

Coles' Magical Builders in Playkit
Coles' Magical Builders have also been fetching eye-watering amounts online, with sets selling for as much as $799 on eBay. Source: eBay

Online frenzy

Both supermarket giants frequently release collectables, seeing success with previous collector's items such as Woolworths' Ooshies and Coles' Little Shop that also sparked a frenzy of sales and bidding wars.

Both retailers have switched to more environmentally friendly collectables this time around after receiving backlash for the wasteful nature of the earlier collector's items.

Woolworths' Fix-ems are made from at least 80 per cent recycled material and are certified by Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) as environmentally preferable, while Coles' Magical Builders are also being plastic-free and recyclable.

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