Coles shoppers spark anger with brazen act in produce aisle: 'No regard for anyone'

Two shoppers filmed taking leaves off several heads of lettuce in a West Australian Coles store have sparked the ire of the internet.

The video, posted by TikTok user @longie69, shows two women “literally pulling off the green pieces of every iceberg lettuce”.

The pair can be seen at the produce aisle with a trolley full of loose lettuce leaves. One woman pulls outer leaves from heads of iceberg lettuce while the other places the leaves in plastic bags.

Stills from TikTok video showing two women taking leaves off heads of lettuce in Coles; Man in pink cap filming himself
In the viral TikTok video, two women can be seen taking outer leaves off several heads of lettuce at a Coles supermarket in WA. Credit: TikTok/@longie69

“That’s very hygienic,” the TikToker commented with a sarcastic tone at the end of the clip, which has been viewed over 188,000 times since it was posted on Sunday.

'No regard for anyone'

While a few defended the two women, arguing that the outer leaves are going to be thrown out anyway, many viewers were clearly not impressed.

“I would have had to say something. They just have no regard for anyone,” one woman said.

“This is why there was no lettuce at Coles,” commented a second.

“Lettuce is sold by “each” not weight, so they’re actually stealing from everyone who buys a lettuce after them,” added another.

A head of lettuce currently costs $5.50 at Coles.

'Cultural differences'

The cultural heritage of the two women in the video, who were observed to be of Asian descent, also became a subject matter for some TikTok viewers.

“The cultural differences never cease to amaze me. I’m assuming this is common and accepted where they are from,” one critiqued.

Another viewer commented, “I’ve seen this exact same thing before. Maybe it's normal in Asia, I dunno.”

“Aunty we can’t do this here,” wrote another.

Act divides viewers

Some viewers managed to find humour in the situation.

“It’s ok, they’re wearing masks,” one joked.

“On this episode of extreme cheapskates...” commented another.

“Sounds like an idea for a new show... Supermarket Patrol, watch them do dodgy stuff and take no responsibility,” said another in a half-serious tone.

Coles storefront
Grocery prices are expected to rise in the coming months due to increased production costs, fuel hikes and supply chain issues. Source: Getty Images

Rising cost of living

This viral video comes after Coles and Woolworths warned about more price hikes in the coming months due to increased production and manufacturing costs, fuel price hikes and supply chain blockages.

Shoppers have observed sharp increases in the cost of produce, with one head of lettuce recently selling for $12 at an IGA store in Queensland.

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