Woolworths customer sparks fierce roast chicken debate

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A fun new TikTok has sparked a lively debate in the comments section, as a TikToker asked viewers which part of a Woolworths hot chicken is the tastiest.

The 49 second video, which contains some course language, shows TikTok user @immamess11 speaking directly to the camera.

She addressed the video to “specifically Aussie TikTok” on Tuesday, posing the hot question.

“What’s your favourite part of a hot chook from Woolies, and more importantly, do you like the stuffing?” she says.

TikToker female on left, Woolworths logo on right. Source: TikTok/immamess11(left)/ Reuters (right)
The TikToker said that the hot chicken information was more important to her than knowing someone's astrological sign. Source: TikTok/immamess11(left)/ Reuters (right)

The TikToker then goes on to reveal her answers to the questions.

“I personally am a stuffing eater. Usually when it’s fresh and hot it’s so good, but when it’s cold it’s a bit whatever,” she says.

“But my favourite part of a Woolies chook is that gristly cartilage bit off the breast bone, that weird little dagger bit of cartilage - we fight over that in my family.”

The TikToker then urged viewers to comment with their favourite part of Woolworths’s hot chickens, and discuss whether they liked the stuffing.

She also urged other TikTok users to stitch the video, where users have the opportunity to use her original footage in their own TikTok to directly answer the question.

The video, which already has several hundred views, has attracted an array of comments from TikTok users.

TikTok names clear winner and loser of hot chicken debate

Majority votes have decided on a clear winner for TikTok’s favourite part of a Woolworths hot chicken.

Coming in first place, by a vast majority vote, the public’s favourite part of a hot chicken is the skin.

“The skin is always the best part,” said one person.

“Obviously the skin is the yummiest,” commented another.

“If there’s not enough seasoning on the skin and it’s overcooked there will be hell to pay!” wrote a third.

A hot chicken. Source: Getty Images
Many users have also commented that they prefer dark meat to light meat. Source: Getty Images

In second place, many have commented that they enjoy eating the parson’s nose, which is located near the chicken’s rear.

“My favourite has always been the parson’s nose,” wrote one person.

“That part near the butt is my favourite,” commented a second.


Least favourite part of Woolworth roast chook emerges

TikTok has also named the stuffing as their least favourite part of a hot chicken, in disagreement with the poster’s original views.

“No to the stuffing,” said one person.

“Not a fan of the stuffing,” commented another.

“The stuffing is only 5/10,” wrote a third.

Woolworths hot chicken packaging on left and Woolworths logo on right. Source: Woolworths/ Getty Images
Another contender for most popular chicken part in the comments section was the wing tips. Source: Woolworths/ Getty Images

The fun debate in the comments section has also seen some TikTok users commenting their own fun uses for the hot chicken meat.

“I love toasted chicken sandwiches with lots of stuffing on them,” said one person.

“My favourite is stuffing wrapped in skin,” wrote another.

New TikTok hack to shred a hot chicken in seconds

Another TikToker has posted a handy hack revealing how to shred a hot chicken in just a few moments.

TikTok user @chelseamarloww’s hack requires just a fresh hot chicken and a benchtop to perform the hack.

“First you get your chicken from Woolworths, and then you start massaging the meat,” the TikToker says in the video.

Still from a TikTok showing hands holding a bagged hot chicken. Source: TikTok/@chelseamarloww
The TikToker's hack only takes 9 seconds. Source: TikTok/@chelseamarloww

The video footage shows the TikToker holding the chicken on the bench with both hands, whilst still in the plastic packaging, and moving her hands in a "back and forwards" motion over the top.

“And then it’s all done,” she says, as the camera pans over showing shredded chicken that’s moved off of the bone.

Other users in the TikTok section expressed their surprise at the simple hack, and said they were going to try it at home.

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