Woolworths, Aldi trolley hack goes viral: 'It works!'

We've all found ourselves needing to unlock a trolley at Aldi or Woolworths with no coins on hand. But one shopper may have found a way around this common occurrence.

TikTok user @pnuks tested a theory that the opening key from a can of Aldi corned beef can double as a trolley key.

“I’ve heard that people can use the corned beef can key to open up trolleys at the supermarket,” he said in a 45-second clip.

The TikToker then told his followers that he is an avid shopper at both Woolworths and Aldi, but decided to test the hack at his local Woolies first.

Screenshots from TikTok in which corned beef key is tested on Woolworths trolley
The three-video series started with the TikToker embarking on a quest to find the the cheapest corned beef at Woolworths and Aldi. Source: TikTok/@pnuks

The man takes his corned beef can key to Woolworths, inserts the larger end into the trolley lock and frees a shopping cart.

“It works!” he exclaims in a surprised tone.

Price comparison leads to hack discovery

The viral trolley hack is part of a series in which the TikToker complained to his followers about the price of Hamper brand corned beef at Woolworths.

“I wish I was a rich person in a poor area and not the other way around,” he says, revealing a 340-gram can priced at $8.20.

The second video in the series follows the TikToker as he visits Aldi to pick up Hydale brand corned beef for just $2.49, following a tip from a viewer.

“$8.20? Get outta here,” he says in the clip.

Stills from TikTok video showing Woolworths corned beef priced at $8.20, and Aldi corned beef priced at $2.49
A tip from a viewer led to the TikToker discovering cheaper corned beef and a trolley hack. Source: TikTok/@pnuks

Another viewer then suggested that the TikToker could use the key from the can to unlock a trolley, which he did the following day.

Supermarket workers share their own trolley hacks

The video racked up over 138,000 views in its first 24 hours, with scores of TikTok users offering their thoughts of the hack.

“This knowledge feels illegal,” one commenter said.

“That explains all the missing keys on every corned beef at Aldi,” joked another.

When another TikTok user pointed out that many supermarkets will provide tokens to customers who ask, the TikToker playfully responded: “that’s simply too easy and makes too much sense.”

A handful of supermarket workers and eagle-eyed shoppers have also posted their own trolley release hacks in the comments section.

“When I worked at Woolies we would do this because they never gave us trolley keys,” wrote one person.

I work at Coles and we use one of the big bulldog clips as a key,” said another.

“I saw a girl at Kmart use a bulldog clip the other day,” commented a third.

“My nanna has been doing this for years. She always stops other old people to show them how to do it,” added a fourth.

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