Aldi shopper reveals little-known price tag hack that will change how you shop

Aussie finance influencer Queenie Tan has shared a little-known tip for understanding Aldi’s price tag colours in a new TikTok, leaving fellow customers shocked.

Aldi shoppers may have noticed that some of the supermarket giant’s price tags feature various text colours, and there is a reason for it.

Aldi shopper shares tips for understanding price tags on TikTok
An Aldi shopper shared the little-known tip for understanding the retailer's price tag colours on TikTok. Source: TikTok/Getty

“What the Aldi price tag colours mean” reads the caption on the 20-second video posted by @investwithqueenie on TikTok.

“How do you know what products are available for a limited time at Aldi?” asks Queenie in the video.

Aldi shopper decodes price tag colours

In the video, the TikToker urges shoppers to check the colour of the price tag – as some are yellow with black text, while others are yellow with red text.


“A yellow tag with black writing means it’s a core Aldi product,” explains the shopper to the camera.

A core Aldi product means the item will be available permanently across the retailer's Aussie stores.

Meanwhile, “a yellow tag with red writing means it’s a limited time product” – meaning it will not be available as part of Aldi’s core product range.

Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to Aldi and can confirm that stores will use yellow price tags with red text on products to indicate they are available for a limited time only.

Aldi fans surprised by price tag discovery

Many Aldi fans shared the Sydney influencer’s surprise at discovering the difference between price tags, with the video amassing 38,800 views and 2,575 likes within three days of posting.

Some shoppers even shared their own tips for decoding Aldi price tags in the comments.

“If it has a "D" written in pen on the tag, it means it's been discontinued,” wrote one shopper.

“Ooo, I haven’t seen this before but now I’ll keep a lookout,” responded the TikToker.

Others pointed out that the limited time tags clearly read “limited time” however it's now clear that this refers not only to the price but to the product itself.

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